Here’s what Alia Bhatt said after reviewing Kiran Rao's directorial Laapataa Ladies

    The spunky actress Alia Bhatt took to social media and gave her review of the Kiran Rao directorial Laapataa Ladies

    Alia Bhatt reviews Laapata Ladies

    Alia Bhatt reviews Laapata Ladies

    Even though Kiran Rao may not have too many films in her kitty as a director, but it’s her choice of subject which makes sets her apart from other filmmakers. After having made her directorial debut with the critically acclaimed Dhobi Ghat, Kiran Rao released her next film recently in the form of Laapataa Ladies. Ever since the film got released, it had been making news for all the right reasons.

    The spunky actress Alia Bhatt recently saw the film. After seeing the film, Alia took to social media and wrote her review about the film. Alia Bhatt to social media (Instagram stories to be precise) and shared her thoughts about the film Laapataa Ladies. 

    Alia Bhatt reviews Laapata Ladies

    While terming the Kiran Rao's directorial as a ‘beautiful film’, Alia Bhatt went onto praise the performances of the starcast. As for the film’s starcast, it consists of the veteran actor Ravi Kishan along with Pratibha Ranta, Sparsh Shrivastava and Nitanshi Goel. As her review about the film, Alia Bhatt wrote, ‘Such wonderful time at the movies’.

    For all those who missed to see the film in theatres, here’s your chance to catch up with the film. The film, Laapataa Ladies, which happens to be a comical story of two young brides who get lost on the same train, had recently got released on the major OTT platform Netflix.

    Besides the gripping storyline, the film got extremely appreciated for its sparkling performance by its starcast. For the unversed, while Chhaya Kadam portrayed the role of Manju Maai, Nitanshi Goel was seen in the role of Phool, and Pratibha Ranta portrayed the role of Jaya. Besides all of them, the flawless comic timing of Ravi Kishan which formed one of the film’s highlights.