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Steven Spielberg News

'Schindler's list' To Hit Screens On Its 25th Anniversary

August 31, 2018

'Tintin is not dead! :Steven Spielberg

March 27, 2018

Michael Bay Announces Two New Projects!

March 08, 2018

Steven Spielberg Will Start Filming Fifth Installment Of Indiana Jones In 2019

January 29, 2018

Kristen Wiig Roped In For Apple’s Comedy Series

January 18, 2018

This What Tom Hanks Calls Steven Spielberg

December 14, 2017

Steven Spielberg Has Not Seen His Own Films Except One!

September 28, 2017

New York Film Festival: Steven Spielberg And Bob Dylan To Be Honoured

August 30, 2017

This Is When Steven Spielberg's Pentagon Papers Film Will Release

April 24, 2017

These Two Legendary Actors To Star In Steven Spielberg's 'The Post'

March 09, 2017

Shia LaBeouf Did Not Enjoy Working With Steven Spielberg

September 07, 2016

Simon Pegg Thought Of Quitting After The Force Awakens

July 05, 2016