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By means of these terms and condition set forth herein (“Terms and Conditions”), Desimartini is conducting a contest named “#BhabiJiKeDeewane” on its website i.e. https://www.desimartini.com/ through a chat-bot mechanism whereby Desimartini is providing an opportunity to the interested viewers of the Program to participate and answer question asked each day during the Contest Period (as defined hereunder) of the Program on the Website through a chat-bot mechanism and get a chance to win the Gratification (as defined hereunder) (“Contest”) on terms more particularly described herein below. By submitting your answers on Desimartini’s Website on terms more particularly described herein below, you agree to be unconditionally bound by the Terms and Conditions as provided herein below

  • Eligibility: Participation in the Contest is open to all
    • adult citizens (who have attained minimum age of 18 (eighteen) years as on July 24, 2017 and
    • registered member(s) of the Desimartini Premiere Club. To be a part of the Desimartini Premiere Club, one needs to register on - www.desimartini.com/premiere-club.htm
  • Territory: The Contest is valid for residents of India only.
  • Procedure for Participation: In order to participate in the Contest, each interest viewer ("Participant")" is required to answer a multiple-choice question (“Question”) which shall be based on the particular episode “BhabiJi Ghar Par Hain” (“Program”) telecast on the channel titled ‘&TV’ during the Contest Period. Question shall be asked on the Website at the end of the telecast of that episode of the Program during each day of the Contest Period. The Participant shall be required to submit the correct answer to the Question on the Website through a chat-bot mechanism at the end of each episode of the Program during the Contest Period. For sake of clarity, there shall be total of 5 (five) Questions that are asked during the Contest Period, all of which must be answered via Website through a chat-bot by the Participant in accordance with the Start Date and End Date as mentioned herein below to further progress in the Contest and have a chance to win the Gratification (“Entry”).
  • Contest Period: From on July 24, 2017 at 23:05 p.m. and continue till 22:25 pm IST on July 29, 2017. 
  • Start Date and End Date for submitting the Entry for each episode of the Program:
    Episode DateStart DateEnd Date
    July 24, 2017Five minutes after the end of first original telecast of episode of the ProgramJuly 25, 2017 at 22:25 pm IST
    July 25, 2017Five minutes after the end of first original telecast of episode of the ProgramJuly 26, 2017 at 22:25 pm IST
    July 26, 2017Five minutes after the end of first original telecast of episode of the ProgramJuly 27, 2017 at 22:25 pm IST
    July 27, 2017Five minutes after the end of first original telecast of episode of the ProgramJuly 28, 2017 at 22:25 pm IST
    July 28, 2017Five minutes after the end of first original telecast of episode of the ProgramJuly 29, 2017 at 22:25 pm IST
  • Selection of Winner(s): At the end of the Contest Period, on the basis of the Participant(s) becoming the being the member of Desimartini Premiere Club and having submitted maximum correct answers to the Questions on the Website through a chat-bot mechanism as per the Start Date and End Date during Contest Period, Desimartini by way of a randomizer round to be held at sole discretion of Desimartini shall select 2 (two) Winners who shall be entitled to receive Gratification (mentioned below). Desimartini shall not entertain any questions, correspondence, enquiries on the manner of conduct of the Contest itself from any party whatsoever. No dispute shall be entertained with regards to the selection criteria. Decisions of the Desimartini shall be final and binding on the Participant(s).
  • Gratification: Each Winner of the Contest along with any (1) one person of its own choice (i.e. friend/ family member/relative) shall be flown down to Mumbai who shall be entitled to meet ‘Bhabiji on the set of Program’ as the gratification to participate in the Contest. For the sake of clarity, mere submitting answers does not entitle the Participant(s) to receive the gratification and the Gratification given to the winner(s) is non-transferrable and non-exchangeable. The Winners agrees and undertakes that no cash equivalent or alternative gratification/ opportunity will be given to the Winners and the Winners cannot exchange the opportunity given for any kind of gift with value.
  • Procedure for Intimation:
    • On selection of the Winners by Desimartini, the Winners shall be intimated by Desimartini and /or any other agency on behalf of Desimartini by directly emailing on the email address provided by the Winner while participating and submitting the answer to the question on the Website ("Intimation Email”). Each Winner will be required to connect with Desimartini on the contact number/email id that shall be mentioned in the Intimation Email within 72 (seventy-two) hours from the delivery of Intimation Email.
    • In case any Winner fails to revert to Desimartini within the aforesaid timelines, the selection of that Winner shall be invalidated and Desimartini at its sole discretion may select another Winner from amongst the eligible Participants as per the Terms and Conditions as mentioned herein. Desimartini shall not be responsible or liable for any technical disruption and/or failure/ and/ or any other difficulties of such nature, due to which the Winners are un-reachable, due to which Desimartini is unable to intimate the Winners.
    • In case the Winner(s) reverts to Desimartini in a manner as said forth in para above, the Winner shall be required to adhere to the verification process of Desimartini which inter alia shall include sharing (i) the personal information (“PI”) of the Winner such as name, contact number, email address, age, gender, name of parents, residential address etc. and (ii) identification documentation such as age proof, residence proof, their nationality proof (i.e., driving license, pan card, passport, election card, electricity bill, ration card) (“Documents”). For the sake of clarity, such Intimation Email received by the Winner from Desimartini does not entitle Winner to receive Gratification unless the Winner furnishes all requisite PI and the Documents in a form and manner desired by Desimartini. Post receiving the PI and Documents of the Winner, Desimartini shall verify the necessary PI and the Documents at its end.
    • Notwithstanding anything contained herein above, only once the PI and Documents has been verified by Desimartini at its end, Desimartini and/or any other agency on behalf of Desimartini shall inform on mobile/email address the Winners of the Contest who shall be entitled to Gratification from Desimartini. Post intimating the Winner(s) about their selection for the Contest, Desimartini may, as it deems fit, publicly declare the name of the Winner on the Website.
  • General Terms and Conditions:
    • Each Participant hereby undertakes, warrants and guarantees to Desimartini that the Participant has the full legal capacity to participate in the Contest in accordance with law and also these Terms and Conditions.
    • By participating in the Contests, the Participant represents that he/she is medically fit and does not have present or past psychological problems. If in the past he/she has had any psychological problems or have been under medication for any psychological, anxiety, hypertension, depression or any other medical problems, the same shall be disclosed to Desimartini in writing along with a copy of the certificate from a qualified medical practitioner declaring him to be fit for participation in the Contest.
    • Participant shall not be eligible as a Participant for the Contest if he/she is suffering from any kind of ill health, medical problems (viz. heart problem, blood pressure problem etc.).
    • Participant represents that he/she has not been accused or convicted or is otherwise involved in any criminal offence and/or is not under inquiry or trial by the police or judiciary which has not been disclosed to Desimartini in writing. That the Participant(s) is /are not required to be present before any authority including police or any court of law for a term of twelve (12) months from the date of registration and has no other disability which would prevent or impede his/her participation in the Contest (if selected/shortlisted).
    • The Participant acknowledges that he/she has voluntarily chosen to participate in the Contest at his/her free-will and is willing to bear all risk, incidental costs and consequences arising from such participation in the Contest.
    • Notwithstanding any other provisions mentioned herein, the Desimartini may, at its sole and absolute discretion, to cancel the Contest or reschedule the Contest dates or amend any other Terms and Conditions of the Contest.
    • At no point of time will Desimartini be obliged to notify unsuccessful Participant of its decision.
    • If any provision of these Terms and Conditions is held by any court or other competent authority to be void or unenforceable in whole or part, the other provision of these Terms and Conditions and the remainder of the affected provisions shall continue to be valid.
    • These Terms and Conditions shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of India and subject to exclusive jurisdiction of the competent Courts in Mumbai.
    • Desimartini is empowered to take a decision on any case not covered by the present Terms and Conditions.
    • Each provision of this Terms and Conditions shall be considered severable, and if for any reason any provision(s), or the application of such provision(s) to any person, entity or circumstance, shall be held invalid or unenforceable, such provision(s) shall be ineffective to the extent of such invalidity or unenforceability without invalidating the remaining provisions hereof, or the application of the affected provision to persons, entities or circumstances other than those to which it was held invalid or unenforceable.
  • Disqualification of Participant(s): In case the Participant is found to be ineligible or if he or she has not complied with these Terms and Conditions or if he/she is found indulging in fake /fraudulent activities, the corresponding Participant will stand disqualified and such decision shall be final and binding.
  • Acceptance of Terms and Conditions: By participating in the Contest, it is construed that the Participant has read and understood these Terms and Conditions and Participant(s)’ act of participation in the Contest will be deemed acceptance to abide by the same.
  • Amendment of Terms and Conditions: Desimartini reserves all rights to make amendments to the existing Terms and Conditions or withdraw the Contest without giving prior notice. It shall be the sole responsibility of the Participant(s) to check the Terms and Conditions of the Contest on the website of the Desimartini.