300: Rise of an Empire

300: Rise of an Empire

3.6 2,214 Ratings

Directed by : Noam Murro

Release Date : | Length : 102 Minutes

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Based on Frank Miller’s latest graphic novel Xerxes, and told in the breathtaking visual style of the blockbuster “300,” this new chapter of the epic saga takes the action to a fresh battlefield—on the sea—as Greek general Themistokles attempts to unite all of Greece by leading the charge that will change the course of the wa...more


“While not as good as its predecessor, it offers fantastic visuals, cool action and a commendable performance by Eva Green. If you're a fan of historical action films, 300: Rise of an Empire deserves a watch.”

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Rated 2.5 / 5

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When Zack Snyder directed 300(2006) he was just one film old. That was the film, which throttled his career upwards. Now, he is back as a producer with '300 Rise of an Empire' handing out the director's reign to Noam Murro, who, coincidentally, is also one film old. Fans of 300 are warned, this follow up fails to rise to the earlier film. Think of it as just another film, and you might be able to have fun watching it

Though, Frank Miller is credited for his graphic novel Xerxes, the script leaves Xerxes's character behind, somewhere, looming in the shadow, and focuses more on Themistokles (Sullivan Stapleton) and Artemisia (Eva Green). Set mostly on the high seas with battles that includes huge ships the story in this one is a mind puzzling hotch potch.

I lost track of the plot mid way, and solely focused on the action sequences. There are a quite a lot of it and visually Noam Murro embellish it with the blood and gore, and the style associated with the previous film. Since, I saw the Imax 3d version of it, the film was worth the time, just for the larger than life action sequences. But, that was my only take away from the film.

300 had an inspiring story to tell, the central character of Leonidas and the way Gerard Butler played was the glue that made the film stick. Even though Xerxes as a character is the most intriguing and dynamic of all, he was not explored at all in the film. If not for the 3D, I would have enjoyed the film more.

Word of mouth - Dear Leonidas, you were missed in this follow up that rests solely on razzmatazz and cool visual effects. "This is Sparta!" NOT…

Rating - ** ½ ( wont kill you)

Ticket Meter - worth 200 bucks