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Directed by : John Singleton

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Taylor Lautner stars as a young man unwittingly thrust into a deadly world of covert espionage in Lionsgate's action-thriller.


“Abduction is an unimpressive, wannabe ‘Bourne’ film and strictly for Twilight and Team Jacob fans.”

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Taylor Lautner

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Strictly for fans of Jacob

Rated 2.0 / 5

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This one is a "lets take the popular kid from Twilight and make a Bourne movie for teenagers".

What's it about ? - one fine day Nathan (Taylor Lautner) finds out that his parents are not his real parents but he doesn't get to digest the fact because his foster parents are killed. Now, he has to find out who he is and who his real parents are.

Does it work for me? - No

Why? - Taylor looks likes he just walked out of the Twilight film and walked into this one. The same expressions. The same dialogue delivery. At times it felt like he is playing the same character. Thankfully unlike Twilight here he gets to romance a girl (Lily Collins) with bushy eyebrows who thinks Taylor looks like Matt Damon. The film is filled with some cheesy dialogues. Nathan is probably the most disinterested kid who wants to find out about his life which in turn makes you don't care about a single character in the film, in turn making this flick a passive affair. John Singleton comes across inspired from Bourne films but doesn't have 25% percent of it. The romantic track comes across forced and the mystery at the end is one big let down. Not that I was expecting a surprise.

Final few words: Abduction will make you ponder over the choice of the title after it ends. Strictly for Team Jacob fans.

Rating: **

Ticket meter : Not worth stepping into the theatre.

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