About Time

About Time

3.1 416 Ratings

Directed by : Richard Curtis

Release Date : | Length : 123 Minutes

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At the age of 21, Tim is told an incredible family secret by his father: all the men in his family have the ability to relive their past. He can revisit any moment in his life to try things differently until he gets them perfectly right. He decides to use his special new gift to win the heart of the beautiful Mary, but finds ...more


“About Time is a romantic tear-jerker that is also charming and funny. Go for it.”

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Rachel McAdams


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The Butterfly Adore

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British writer and director, Richard Curtis returns to the big screen after a hiatus of nearly four years to the genre he almost singlehandedly redefined in the late 90s and early 2000s with sappy and witty concoctions fuelled by Hugh Grant's floppy hair and bumbling persona. 'About Time' is like a 'Notting Hill'-ised version of Ashton Kutcher's 'Butterfly Effect' and that's not a bad thing as the movie turns out quite the unexpected charmer.

Tim Lake (Domhnall Gleeson) leads an awkward and unassuming life until he's informed of a unique gift possessed by the male members of his lineage; the ability to time travel. While he initially doesn't believe his father (Bill Nighy), he soon enough puts his new found knowledge to the test and finds a way to make his dreams come true. While an initial rejection breaks his heart, a few months down the line he finds his "destiny". He falls heads over heels for Mary (Rachel McAdams) and using his powers he woos her and wins her over after plenty of trial and error. However everytime he travels back in time it sets of a chain of events; the butterfly effect and erases all that he did before. So from here on if he wants Mary and everything else in his life to be perfect he has to carefully tread the line and make more careful choices.

The love story of Tim and Mary is adequately cute and full of fluff but the one that stuck with me was the father-son equation. The relationship is so beautifully realised that it's more or less assured to leave few dry eyes in the audience. Bill Nighy in particular is astounding, he has this uncanny knack of making you laugh and elicit emotion at the same time and the last portion of the movie is utterly heartbreaking thanks in a large way to his performance.

'About Time' is a wonderful little movie that will stay with you long after you've stepped out of the theater; Richard Curtis is back in fine form. Don't miss it.

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