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The Live action retelling of the classic Disney film Aladdin, The film follows a young Aladdin a thief in the kingdom of Agrabah who's life is changed forever when he receives a magic lamp that grants wishes.

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Aladdin(2019) Audience Review

A Magic Carpet Ride Back to the World We Once Knew

Rated 4.5 / 5
by Megna Santhosh (3,802 DM Points) | See all my reviews

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How does it feel to wake up to a whole new world with flying magic carpets, a Genie who grants all your wishes (let’s bring that down to just three) and a prince who waits right outside your patio, ready to take you on a magic carpet ride? If you happen to leave Jafar (the evil sorcerer guy) out of the picture, the idea of it is pretty mesmerizing. Until, almost 30 years later when Disney digs out its most valuable jewel from its 90s treasure chest only to spook us with a live-action movie of our very own ‘diamond in the rough’, “Aladdin”. It’s almost impossible to recreate a 90s hit which is adored by nearly everyone. Especially when the original holds on to your sentimental strings. One false move by the new cast, and your entire childhood memories lie on thin ice. Yes! It’s like your geriatric lane is at jeopardy.

For years after years’ women all over the world have been trying to put a face to the handsome young eponymous hero of the story. His itty bitty thievery stood no chance against his loyal yet mischievous demeanor. And what about the Big Blue Genie? It felt intolerable to replace the legendary ‘Robin Williams (voice-over for Genie in 1992)’. We’ve all summoned Genie at some point of our lives and Williams voice would play on repeat in the back of our heads. Not to mention the entourage of extravagant music that comes along with the Genie. You can’t deny Aladdin’s puppy love for our sweet Princess Jasmine. Now, she’s not just another quintessential character that strolls the palace grounds with a pretty smile. She is the strong, independent & rebellious princess of Agrabah. A shimmering beauty in blue whom every little girl looks up to.

Fast forward to present day, Will Smith switches roles with Robin Williams, Naomi Scott slips into a classic turquoise ensemble disguised underneath ten new royal outfits and Mena Massoud, the Egyptian- Canadian actor comfortably fits into the middle-eastern handcrafted shoes of our very own street urchin, Aladdin. These three are flawlessly chosen to create the perfect reunion of our favorite characters in history. I don’t even know where to begin. Director Guy Ritchie has certainly conjured up some pure Genie magic to the screens that leaves us spell bound to our seats wanting for more. From the effortlessly unblemished CGI of the Genie’s shenanigans to the Bollywood meets middle-east exorbitant music set pieces and the heart felt remake of the ‘Whole new world’. Guy Ritchie’s actors groove, sing, act and even whip up an enchanted chemistry on screen.

Naomi Scott as Princess Jasmine ponders upon a bigger role in this version of the movie.
Her singing skills are further more put to the test in her song “Speechless” when Jafar (Marwan Kenzari) the Sulthan’s evil advisor uses the Genie to take over the throne of Agrabah. And boy! did she blow our minds away. Of course! We’ve come to see the Genie and the Genie alone elevates the story. Will Smith throws some sass and hip-hop to the screens with a little bit of beat boxing here and there. We’ve definitely ‘never had a friend like him’ (..cue the music). Another pleasant addition to the cast is Nasim Pedrad as Dalia Princess Jasmine’s handmaiden. Her featured gags lightened up the audience in its own way. Unfortunately, Marwan Kenzari as the grand Vizier Jafar didn’t seize as much as attention as the rest. His character did not resemble the deceitful, devious, pompous & smooth-talking Jafar we’ve once feared of in the original movie.

Setting aside the nostalgia & emotional seizures, the new Aladdin movie is still a whole new experience which is just one carpet ride away. So, hop on and feel the bliss.

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