Alice Through The Looking Glass

Alice Through The Looking Glass

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Directed by : James Bobin , James Bobin

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Alice (Mia Wasikowska) travels back in time to save the Mad Hatter (Johnny Depp).

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It must take special kind of ineptitude to have a premise so full of potentially brilliant ideas and make it into a film this dull. Alice Through The Looking Glass, directed by James Bobin and produced by Tim Burton, contains none of the wonder and whimsy that characterizes Lewis Carroll's fantasy world. Instead, the experience of watching this film is one crushingly airless slog. There's very little by way of inspired humour, all we get are pathetic jokes on a personified version of time. Johnny Depp is given an utterly unconvincing back story that drives the plot, and none of it translates into an effective emotional hook. The film is packed with ideas - a spacetime-bending roller coaster with ample scope for absurdity to run wild; but the director treats it in the most generic fashion. One can almost sense that he knows he is making trash and doesn't want to put in even a modicum of effort into making it work. He's certainly right about the trash part, but did all those juicy ideas have to be wasted on trash such as this?