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American Made

American Made

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Directed by : Doug Liman

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Barry Seal a TWA pilot is recruited by the CIA to fight the rising communist threat in Central America.

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Tom Cruise


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Airline pilot enters world of arms / drug trafficking as" the gringo who always delivers"

Rated 3.0 / 5
by Madan Mohan Marwah (8,083 DM Points) | See all my reviews

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This is one such movie where you can settle down with popcorn and enjoy. It is fairly fast paced thanks to the director 's talent. Supposed to be a true story there is enough excitement and action to keep you hooked.
We are introduced to airline pilot Tom Cruise who finds the routine flying drill monotonous and intentionally causes turbulence while flying to enjoy the disturbance among the passengers. Due to his generally devil may care and daring attitude he is recruited by the CIA to fly reconnaissance flights over Central American states.
Gradually he is given courier missions and an ever alert drug cartel slowly recruits him for carrying arms, drugs and cash for a generous compensation. Very soon Tom finds that he is deep into this illegal trade and has more money than he can handle. He lands and takes off from make shift air strips .He is the type of guy who as per him leap before he looks.
He now has a family and kids who also get involved due to his illegal activities.Since the Govt machinery finds him useful to get their dirty job done, he escapes court punishment and gets a nominal punishment of 1000 hours of community service with the Salvation Army. Towards the end he is eliminated while he is moving from place to place for security.
The film moves mainly on Tom Cruise's star power and his ability to do a lot of stunt work. His handsome looks help a lot.. The film is continuously entertaining and there is hardly a dull moment.

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