The Angry Bird Movie

The Angry Bird Movie

3.5 1,228 Ratings

Directed by : Fergal Reilly , Clay Katis

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  • MJ Rating 3.4/5
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Flightless birds lead a mostly happy existence, except for Red (Jason Sudeikis), who just can't get past the daily annoyances of life. His temperament leads him to anger management class, where he meets fellow misfits Chuck (Josh Gad) and Bomb. Red becomes even more agitated when his feathered brethren welcome green pigs to t...more


“Visual cuteness of this movie doesn't prove enough to support its weak plot.”

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Jason Sudeikis

The Angry Bird Movie Audience Review

Flightless birds with flying colors!

Rated 2.5 / 5
by Raja Satish (50 DM Points) | See all my reviews

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It all started with books made into movies, later on comics jumped onto the bandwagon, and now the latest to join the force are popular games. Angry Birds slips into that zone to entertain kids and adults alike with their funny overtures and myriad hues. It's lovely to see the flightless birds with flying colors (literally). Red and its gang of birds make merry in the island attending anger management classes.

All goes happily till the pigs arrive on the island with some ulterior motives. Red tries to unmask them and starts the REAL GAME when he steps on the piggy terrain. There it all boils down to massive destruction and gets to an all's well that ends well finale with everyone singing hymns for Red.

The idea of converting a game into a movie seems to be novel but writer John Vitti couldn't give WINGS to the story of flightless birds. The imagination is stuck in creating different characters and their beautiful back stories but as the plot thickens, things become too hollow to watch. As the flow of events offer no surprise, what you try to enjoy forcefully is the visual extravaganza.

You get to know why the cute birds are angry and the world they inhabit is filled with promise. At many places, the bird puns make you LOL But the characters become as unreal as the film progresses. The mighty eagle was such a misfit that there's zilch of motivation coming from there. Towards the end, the film takes refuge in action scenes that are overstretched and spill emptiness all over.

Directors Clay Kaytis and Fergal Reilly pump in the effort to bring the game to life, but they couldn't give it a full blossom. The so-called surprises won't look as surprises. The witty dialogue dies a sudden death and you search for cleverness in the narrative. Jason Sudeikis' voice adds a lot of spice to Red. However, Sean Penn as Terence is brutally wasted as the fatty bird barely opens its mouth, and when it does it's only for cooing and not talking. Till the end, you wonder where Penn is.

All these incoherencies turn The Angry Birds into something just above ordinary. Now, someone please don't brainstorm to transform Candy Crush Saga into a movie!