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Directed by : Nicholas Jarecki

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Arbitrage, is a taut and alluring suspense thriller about love, loyalty, and high finance. Robert Miller, on the eve of his 60th birthday, appears the very portrait of success in American business and family life. But behind the gilded walls of his mansion, Miller is in over his head, desperately trying to complete the sale o...more


“Arbitrage's gripping plot and its ability to connect with audiences is elevated by Richard Gere's fabulous performance. Don't miss it!”

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Arbitrage is one the years most pleasant surprises, more so because I walked into the screening expecting yet another bland Richard Gere drama; something the talented actor has been churning out for some time now.

Gere plays the charmingly roguish Robert Miller, a very wealthy hedge-fund manager who might be more than a little spot of financial trouble. A merger with another firm, offers a glimmer of hope but on the day of the discussions, karma catches up with him and many of the his personal equations start causing the kind of troubles he never expected; be it the high maintenance mistress or the neglected wife and daughter.

The movie has a nice laid-back pace which allows you to slip into the scheme of things easily. Robert is built as a character youd feel contempt and disgust for at the same time. He even has a hint of creepiness about him but played by Richard Gere, hes a well rounded character worthy of being the centrepiece of the film.

Tim Roth however chews the scenery with gusto as a police detective who despises rich bankers. His banter with Gere is worth the price of the ticket alone.

The movies pace picks up sufficiently in the last quarter with all the pieces in place as Robert plays a game of cat and mouse with the authorities, his business associates and his family to save his skin. The real question however is that, is Robert a man despicable due to his actions, worth rooting for? Is there a hope of redemption for the man?

I suggest you watch Arbitrage in the theatres, dont miss it.

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