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Directed by : Ben Affleck

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As the Iranian revolution reaches a boiling point, a CIA 'exfiltration' specialist concocts a risky plan to free six Americans who have found shelter at the home of the Canadian ambassador.


“A thriller based on historial events, Argo is gripping, exciting and brilliantly written. Affleck shines as a director with great support from his cast. This one is a must watch!”

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Ben Affleck

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Finger chomping thriller.

Rated 4.0 / 5

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In his 3rd film as a director Ben Affleck for the first time works on a script which is not co written by him. Instead you get to see some brilliant writing by Chris Terrio.

In 1979 six Americans escape the American embassy in Tehran minutes before Iranians took over it holding the rest of the staff hostage. Hiding in the house of a Canadian ambassador they are waiting to be rescued. Enters Tony Mendez (Ben Affleck)a CIA ex-filtration expert who has plans to land in Iran alone and get them out in 72 hours. The plan includes the most bizzare idea of faking a Hollywood film being made called Argo.

The film never lets you settle down for a minute and holds it's grip hard right till the end. Imagine watching someone build a pyramid of cards. Affleck's direction is like that. Well researched and gripping Affleck proves yet again that he is a better director than an actor.

In a film like this the greatest skill of a director is to make you a part of the tension even though you know how it's going to end and that's where Affleck scores.

Argo provides the kind of rush that will leave you breathless. While the characters in the film have to pretend to be cool, calm and composed it is you the viewer who goes through all the tension that is going on in their heads.

Adding to all this is a fantastic ensemble performance by the entire cast with John Goodman and Alan Arkin stealing the show with their humorous one liner providing the much needed relief from the tension that keeps building at every point.

You will find yourself saying “Ar-go fuck yourself” when you walk out of the theatre. A line that will go down as one of the most remembered one lines in a movie.

Word of mouth - Forget nail biting, Argo is a finger chomping thriller.

Rating - **** (very good)

Ticket meter - Worth a theatre visit.

P.s - God bless Warner bros India for providing subtitles. Without it my experience would have been half baked like it was with Looper last week.

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