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Directed by : James Cameron

Release Date : | Length : 162 Minutes

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Avatar is a Sci-Fi spectacle to behold! Set in an alien world known as Pandora, paraplegic marine Jake Sully is drafted to replace his brother in a larger mission involving the subjugation of the indigenous Na'vi race of Pandora. Jake, using an 'avatar' of the Na'vi aliens themselves, sets about infiltrating the everyday ...more

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Sam Worthington

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Avatar Box Office

  • Budget: $$237,000,000 million
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Avatar Audience Review

Avatar is a visual experience of a lifetime!

Rated 2.0 / 5

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I do not often say this, but Avatar was bloody brilliant. The movie is one of the finest visual cinematic experiences youd have in your lifetime & if you miss watching this in a theatre in 3-D, God help you, because youd probably have missed out on something that future generations might refer to as the stepping stone into a new era of filmmaking technology.

In the year 2154 a crippled former marine wanting more from his life is sent to an alien world, Pandora, where he becomes an intrinsic part of the ongoing conflict over the mining of a rare mineral, between the war-mongering Humans & the peaceful natives (the Navi). As he lives amongst them & learns more about the Navi way of life his outlook changes & when the time comes to choose sides for a showdown, he goes with the natives since the Humans cant see the error of their ways.

I was blown away by the manner in which Cameron brought Pandora to life. This wasnt the old-school gimmicky 3-D with stuff being hurled at you to go oooh & aaah, this was a sense of complete immersion in the movie on screen with every tiny grain of sand displayed in 3D. Images of the bioluminescent plants, the night sky etched out like a painting, mountains which float mid-air; honestly I could just keep going on about the mesmerizing sights accentuated by the 3-D technology. Plus unlike other times the 3-D didnt make my eyes hurt or make me want to remove the snorkeling goggles every 20 minutes or so.

Avatar is a triumph for the uncompromising vision which Cameron had nearly 15 years ago; this is his labor of love. The real achievement beyond anything else is the astonishing technology which plunges the viewer head-on in a world unlike one they have ever had the privilege of witnessing before. The plot though recycled from a dozen other movies is still able to keep you hooked on till its predictable conclusion & serves its purpose well as being the backbone of this bewitchingly beautiful body.