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Directed by : Daniel Barnz

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Kyle Kingson, an intelligent, good looking & wealthy guy humiliates a Goth classmate Kendra. She retaliates by casting a spell that physically transforms him into everything he despises. He meets Kendra and learns that the only solution to the curse is to find someone that will love him as he is a task he considers imposs...more


“Direction, screenplay, dialogues & performances; there is no reason to watch this distorted version of Beauty and the Beast.”

Beastly Audience Review

Beauty and the Beast in New Avatar

Rated 2.0 / 5

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Few months back I saw Beauty and the Beast's new animated version and was totally impressed. Then today I saw Beastly, Modern version of Beauty and the Beast, which did not do ANY wonders for me.

Just think, what if the Beast of the beauty and the beast is neither ugly nor disgusting; it will take away the real charm of the movie. That's what exactly the problem of Beastly where Mr. Beast is a weird looking guy with random cuts and tattoos.

Speaking of story, there is nothing new to be told about and this was the point where innovation of Film-makers was put to test but sadly they failed to deliver anything new. Even climax holds nothing exciting. So only watch Beastly if you want to watch Beauty and the Beast with human figures.

Screenplay was weak and even the dialogues had nothing great in them, Direction also fails due poor narration. Background score was out of the box as it got nothing to do with what was going on-screen. Editing could have been sharper and cinematography was below average.

Our Beast, Mr. Alex Pettyfer fails to express his longing beneath the weird make-up he was given and neither did romantic shots between our beauty, Linda (Venessa Hudgens) & Beast created any magic. If I really have to advice the film-makers to watch one movie before they could have started off with Beastly then I will pick on "Edward Scissorhands", Jhonny Depp was just perfect and the way he expressed his emotions was breath-taking.

One person to watch out for is Neil Patrick Harris from 'How I met your Mother'. His performance as a blind teacher is fabulous and gives Beastly a humorous touch. Mary Kate Olsen as The Witch was good but honestly the scenes between her and beast were way too weak to excite viewers.

Footer: Love is never Ugly but BEAST should have been!

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