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Beauty And The Beast 2014

Beauty And The Beast 2014

3.1 177 Ratings

Directed by : Christophe Gans

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  • MJ Rating 2.8/5
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An unexpected romance blooms after the the youngest daughter of a merchant who has fallen on hard times offers herself to the mysterious beast to which her father has become indebted.


“Beauty and the Beast is a disappointingly bad adaption of one the most loved fairy tales ever. Thumbs down. ”

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Vincent Cassel


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Beauty And The Beast

Rated 2.5 / 5
by Aneela Zeb (219 DM Points) | See all my reviews

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A word of caution before you proceed to book tickets for the wee ones. This aint all animated creatures warbling tunes (that will soon be available on iTunes and you will be karaoking to for the next ten years, Let It Be indeed) , it also isnt the sensible mix of dark humour , a hint of evil but enough fantasy to appeal to the caregivers and the little ones alike as in Maleficient. In fact this film has quite disturbing themes, Stockholm Syndrome one of them, and enough violence to start apprenticing as Tarantino for the tweens. But then we have seen parents taking their kids along to watch the latest Rohit Shetty with all its sexist humour things blowing up on the screen, so oh well.

In fact I still dont have any idea about what or who was La Belle et la Bete (dubbed for our screens as Beauty And The Beast) was working towards. There is no story of a romance so it is not a romantic fantasy for grown ups, not enough whimsy to appeal to the young. A MasterClass for hopeful CGI experts perhaps?

If one thing Beauty and the Beast did it was to assure me that to every community a Bhansali is born. Stunning visuals, rich colours, in fact a near obsession with colours bleeding into others, a strange fantasy land pretending to be a small town you just have to tweak your SatNav to plot. on the map. And a very problematic story about people making sacrifices WHERE NO SACRIFICE IS NECESSARY.

An elderly merchant heading a family that will make "Here Comes Honey Boo Boo " seem well adjusted is out to salvage a last shot at escaping bankruptcy, he fails miserably and proceeds to add grand theft and larceny to his resume. Not content with that he also walks on the grass and plucks flowers, shock! horror! Of course that is a crime that DEFINITELY calls in the principle of retributive justice. So a life for a flower. Thankfully it comes to the Martha Stewart of the family to pay the penance. Back in the castle she becomes kind of a Kardarshain what with all the bling and skin show on offer now. Add to that her vivid dreams about Raaz Beast Ke Pichley Janam Ka, golden deer that clearly have been plaguing worthy princes since the time of the Ramayana, and strange strange creatures out to decapitate, plunge spears into or make vodoo dolls of you.

I dont quite like Bhansali so sorry thumbs down for the Beauty and the Beast too.

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