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Directed by : John Wells

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A top chef (Bradley Cooper) of the Paris restaurant scene tries to land his own kitchen and a third elusive Michelin star.


“Wrapped with perfect ingredients, Burnt is a feel good film.”

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Bradley Cooper

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Chef with a shady past makes a comeback with his team's performance in the kitchen

Rated 3.0 / 5
by Madan Mohan Marwah (4,204 DM Points) | See all my reviews

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When dining in a 5 star hotel how often have you wondered what goes on behind the kitchen door when waiters rush in and out carrying the cutlery etc.This movie will show you all the action which takes place inside the kitchen as all the staff desperately try to meet the orders of guests. People who like foodie TV shows will love this movie since it is essentially a story where kitchen activities play a big role and there are plenty of close ups of plates with food.

Set in London this movie is about the life of a chef who has a murky past of drinking, drugs and misdemeanor. Bradley Cooper ( as handsome as ever) plays the title role. Cooper has not been doing well so far and he is keen to select his team in order to make a comeback in the restaurant business. It is about the relentless pursuit of perfection of the cuisine being offered to the hotel guest and the ultimate goal of achieving the grade of 3 Michelin stars for the establishment. Some may find it a foodie movie since the focus is on presentation of the perfect dish which in the words of the chef should give one an orgasm. This aspect however has been trifle overdone and may put off some viewers.

Director John Wells surely gives us a true and clear ringside view of the goings on in the kitchen as the cooks keep yelling ""yes chef" as they are given orders by Chef Cooper. Everything moves at a fever pitch and it is teamwork all the way through. In a world where good is not enough and perfect is required, tempers rise, lots of noise is made, frustration, heartbreak are common and their very survival is put to a test. An interesting scene is one in which the cook is asked to apologise to an improperly cooked piece of fish.The film revolves around Bradley Cooper who pitches in with a spirited performance of high intensity as Adam Jones He gets good support from Sienna Miller who plays his love interest. An interesting watch on the whole.