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Cars 3

Cars 3

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Directed by : Brian Fee

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After he endures a terrible crash the famous Lightning McQueen With help from race technician Cruz Ramirez and some other friends, he begins training to attempt a comeback in the Florida 500

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Owen Wilson


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Rated 3.5 / 5
by Rahul Bharadwaj (13,020 DM Points) | See all my reviews

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Cars is one of the best productions from Pixar. Ranks right there with other gems like The Lion King,Finding Nemo and UP.Car movies have been a presonal favourite for the brilliant execution of making automobiles believable for us and then both movies made most of us urban fast track dwellers realise that life is not all about material success , it is about enjoying smaller things and valuing relationships.

Cars 3 continues on that track. Mcqueen that lovable red fast car is now on the way downhill.The space that he occupied once is now taken by Jackson Storm a new high tech car with better capabilities.

Mcqueen like a true fighter does not want to go out as a loser and therefore plans an elaborate recovery move. He goes back to training and develops a bonding with his new trainer Cruz.The story is actually the redemption of both McQueen and Cruz. What and how it happens would be a major spoiler so if you are a Cars fan like me go watch it.

However it is in the last 20 odd minutes that this movie really lifts itself and you realise that the subtle approach in the beginning was probably a deliberate plot ploy.It is again in a reasonably well conceived climax that Cars3 quietly passes on its major lesson - the importance of moving on gracefully

Dr.Hudson makes a good comeback in this movie through flashbacks and references to him and that is one big bonus for those who of you who are more a fan of the first part than the second.

Cars3 will entertain you and ofcourse it does keep you hooked for its two odd hours running time. Worth a watch once for sure.

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