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Directed by : Lee Unkrich

Release Date : | Length : 109 Minutes

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12-year-old Miguel sets of a chain of events that relate to a centuries old family mystery

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Benjamin Bratt

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Coco Review- A superb animation film which both children and adults can enjoy

Rated 4.0 / 5
by Madan Mohan Marwah (4,204 DM Points) | See all my reviews

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Animation movies have a charm of their own. Due to their simplicity in conception and presentation the emotions they have move us much more than a regular film specially if they involve cute children or innocent animals. There is something in the fantasy world they project that makes it easy for the characters to enter our hearts.We have had films where the main character cannot pursue his or her passion for music because of family pressure. The family wants their offspring to take up the family profession. Now the same idea has been developed with superb results in this animation film COCO where a 12 year old boy is deeply interested in becoming a singer with a guitar but his entire family specially his grandmother is dead against it. She even breaks his guitar into pieces when he wants to take part in an audition. How he finally changes the minds of his grandmother and other family members after a series of long winded incidents forms the crux of this film which focuses on family values enveloping three generations of a Mexican family.
Superb is the word for the script, narrative,sets, music,cinematography in fact all departments of film making. There are moments to make you smile, laugh, sad, cry and generally fill you with a sense of awe as you listen to the family chatter and behaviour. The characters' expressions are very realistic and detailed which goes to show the painstaking work which has gone into the making. The songs are haunting and the accompanying choreography is exquisite and mesmerising. The cinematography is outstanding. A big part of the film shows afterlife where the characters are in skeletal form and this has been developed in an interesting manner.
All told this is a superb animation film which carries a strong attraction for children and the accompanying adults will also love it.