Collateral Beauty

Collateral Beauty

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Directed by : David Frankel

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When a successful New York advertising executive (Will Smith) suffers a great tragedy he retreats from life. While his concerned friends try desperately to reconnect with him, he seeks answers from the universe by writing letters to Love, Time and Death. But it's not until his notes bring unexpected personal responses that he...more


“Collateral Beauty has enough beauty, if only you have the eye to spot it!”

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Will Smith

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Collateral Beauty Review

Rated 2.0 / 5
by Sidhant Shori (4,660 DM Points) | See all my reviews

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In a year filled with movies about mystical doctors and intergalactic wars, it's a bit strange that the most unrealistic movie of them all happens to be one about a man dealing with grief. Starring Will Smith as a man who's lost his daughter, Collateral Beauty is the most un relatable movie I've seen recently. It's disappointment is only furthered by the fact that it has a fantastic cast.

Howard is a Philosopher of sorts in an advertising firm, who advises his juniors to take inspiration from Love, Time and Death; three things that affect every human. Fast forward a few years, and Howard is an emotional mess after his daughter passed away. He's nearly driven his successful advertising firm into the ground. Unable to kick him out through legitimate means, the other three senior partners, Whit, Claire and Simon, decide to hire three actors to play Love, Time and Death and enter Howards life. They can use this to prove he's delusional and thus have him kicked out from the company.

Collateral Beauty is a colossal disappointment. It's extremely well acted, but that isn't nearly enough to take away from the sheer absurdity of its premise. It feels like it belongs in a world far different from ours, where people and their motivations are polar opposites, and for a movie trying to tug at your heart strings, this is a fatal flaw. Avoid it unless you're a really big fan of one or more members of its cast.

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