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Directed by : Tim Miller

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Armed with accelerated healing powers and a twisted sense of humor, former mercenary Wade Wilson (Ryan Reynolds) goes in search of the man who nearly destroyed his life.


“ The cool superhero here isn't just kick-ass, he's outrageously hilarious!”

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Did Someone Say Chimichanga? Never mind. That Was Just The Sound Of Deadpool Kicking Some

Rated 4.5 / 5

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Ohhhh sh*t, Did I leave the stove on?

What would you expect from a Deadpool movie intro? A high intensity action sequence, the anti-hero attitude? Slow-motion barrel rolls and headshots? Well that's exactly what you get! Along with (Spoiler!!) the popular Hindi song 'Tera Joota Hai Japani' playing in a taxi driven by an Indian named 'Depinder'. Deadpool managed to keep it straight, simple, funny and entertaining all at the same time. Well done Tim Miller!!

Ryan Reynolds plays the titular anti-hero, the Merc with a Mouth, and one thing I would say for sure, he did justice to the character. It shows how much Reynolds wanted to become Deadpool. The movie opens (Spoiler Again!!, well.. not really) with the camera moving through a shot of a car flipping in mid-air and Deadpool handling three bad guys at once. The amount of awesomeness in that one shot was probably enough for a lifetime but, that's just the beginning. Miller seems to have found that perfect way to tell the origin story of the super-not hero.

Those who might know this about Deadpool, he was the only character in the comics who as aware he was in a comic. Staying true to form, Deadpool keeps talking to the camera as if talking straight to the viewers on the other side of the screen. The movie had scenes from both the past and the present of Deadpool's life, hilariously put together to fill in the story. No BS, straight up, to the point.

Deadpool had some gruesome scenes, some hands being cut, heads being chopped, getting shot in the butt, but, it all came together in one blissful experience. I know right! Gruesome? Blissful? Well that's just how it was. You gotta see it to believe it.

The comedy part of the film was seriously hilarious, which is hard to find in a film these days. The action was intense and brutal, like - Deadpool stabbing a bad guy with his swords and lifting him up like a fountain - intense. Colossus' entry was quite epic too.

The new characters introduced in the film were pretty good too. But it's a Deadpool movie so who cares about the others right? Well, T.J. Miller's role was quite interesting to say the least. Reynolds and T.J. had really funny conversations, some of which were shown in the trailer. Like the one where T.J. gets a first look at the burnt up face of Deadpool and says, (Kid's beware!) "You look like an avocado had sex with an older, more disgusting avocado" And you know what.. That description somehow felt spot on. Then there were scenes with Deadpool and the blind lady. See you get why he would befriend a blind lady right? Cz of the burnt face, the cut limbs that slowly regenerate. Makes sense.

Enough praise, let's talk negatives. Mmmm negatives, hmm let's see. Oh yeah, the parts that were beeped and censored. That was probably to cater to a larger audience but, well, if you're not censoring the F word then why the others. That's just my opinion. But seriously, it's had to find flaws in the straight up comedy/action entertainer. Standing ovation for the director and the cast.

Deadpool is definitely a "Must Watch" for all, even if you don't like superhero movies, because this is different from any other, with a romantic side. And the romantic aspect also did not overshadow the sheer awesomeness of the character which was a good thing.

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