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Directed by : John Erick Dowdle

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Five people are trapped in an elevator, and one of them is the DEVIL.


“Shyamalan fans: This is one better than his last few movies. Others: The identity of the killer will more likely keep you glued to your seats than the horror elements.”

Devil Audience Review

Devil in Disguise

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"If the Devil is real then even the God must be real..." We all saw and appreciated Sixth Sense and The Unbreakable but everything screened by M. Night Shyamalan after these two only reduced the viewers for him. 'Devil' is Shyamalan's first supernatural thriller from his newly formed production house, The Night Chronicles.

You must have noticed that the promotional advertisements for the movie says "From the Mind of M. Night Shyamalan". To explain this line better do log on to the company's website where it's clearly written that inspiring film-makers will use Shyamalan's ideas and will breath life into them. In short Shyamalan will neither write or direct any films. According to me this idea is not only good but also is a better way to bring Shyamalan's brain-work onscreen.

Devil is cleverly penned down by Brian Nelson and is Directed by Drew Dowdle & John Erick Dowdle who gave master pieces like The Dry Spell, The Poughkeepsie Tapes & Quarantine.

Movie kick-starts with a suicide from a high-rise office building in Philadelphia and catches momentum when five strangers get trapped in an elevator of the same office. Intensity increases when one of the security guards Ramirez (Jacob Vargas) starts talking about the devil and reveals that one of the strangers stuck in the elevator is a carrier for DEVIL.

I will not say that the movie is flawless but hats off to Tak Fujimoto who did such a fanatastic cinematography that it will keep your eye on the screen for entire 90 mins. Though Devil was promoted under supernatural horror genre but personally I will rate it as a thriller. The section of the movie which is pretty engaging is "who is the killer ?" search and interest increases when they all die one by one. To investigate this incident a team of Philadelphia investigators headed by Chris Messina comes into play, who himself had a sorrowful past.

Most of the action happens when elevator lights goes off and all we get to hear is creepy noises making Devil 'a dark saga of terror'. The climax is having imprints of Shyamalan all over it so expect something clearly gimmicky.

No doubt the movie has lot of loop-holes but still it's much better than Shyamalan's past projects as a 'Director' making Devil a decent watch.

Technicals: Director- John Erick Dowdle, Producer- M.Night Shyamalan, Screenplay- Brian Nelson, Cinematography- Tak Fujimoto, Music-fernando Velaszuez.

Footer: It's a tale of Revenge & Forgiveness, which says if Devil (Revenge) exists then even God (Forgiveness) does. As a viewer you should give it a try as after such a long time you will get to see some good flick from Shyamalan's bag.