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Diary of a Butterfly

Diary of a Butterfly

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Directed by : Vinod Mukhi

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This is a story about a girl named Gul, whose hunger for success takes her to Mumbai. She joins Fashion House in Mumbai and stays there with two of her friends Piya and Carol. Her thirst to achieve success makes her forget all the relationships. But when she fulfils her dream, she finds herself all alone. She then reads her d...more


“The movie has pathetic acting, horrible camera work and a ridiculous script but you may just enjoy laughing at it's stupidity. Don't even think about going for it!”

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Udita Goswami

Diary of a Butterfly Audience Review

Someone Electrocute this Sleazy Butterfly.

Rated 0.5 / 5
by Ankur Pathak (50 DM Points) | See all my reviews

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I have never seen a shadier or a sleazier film than Diary of a Butterfly which has the most embarrassing bunch of supporting actors. Some of them are so gloriously amateur that they even stutter a few times although the character doesn't ask for it!

The plot is hideous and the execution, so bad that a Mass Media student would have shown a better sense in handling the camera. But the highlight of this claptrap is its unintentionally funny dialogue which would make the worshipers of Gunda and Deshdrohi jump in delight.

Udita Goswami's father is anxious that her beti is going to big bad city Bombay and she won't be able to handle the fast-paced life and would fall in ill hands. Beti is no Savitri and she's going there with the intention of climbing the ladder of (whatever the profession) by having sex with her seniors and then seniors-to-seniors. While leaving Jaipur, father says in a pseudo accent, "Bethi, ye lo banaana khao. Gwoood far your halth." Classic.

In Bombay, she gets to stay in a friends' fancy apartment who helps her with a job in a "fashion house". We must mention the attention to detail here. The "fashion house" has literally one mannequin in the office which is run by a haggard looking Harsh Chayya. The staff strength is 3. And they are trying hard to win some random contract for 10 years. Udita bluffs and instead gets the rival company to get the contract and in turn gets 3 keys by the Boss - 1 for office car, 2 for a plush bungalow (which is supposed to be in Bombay, but i assure you it was somewhere near Madhya Pradesh) and the third key? Another luxury car to HAVE FUN!

As if this isn't enough, mother from Jaipur calls whenever she is bored and tells her girl to maintain a diary which she had given her. "Ye tumhari zindagi ke panne hain" she says. " But ye panne sirf dard de rahe hain" Udita reverts. "Don't waste the whole book for one single page" Mother philosophies.

Udita takes her fancy red car and zooms off to Nariman Point and tears the diary apart. Then dialogues like, "Tumhara bast friend zindagi ka aayna hota hai", and " Life mein itni bhi galtiyaan nai karni chahiye ki pencil se pehle rubber khatam ho jaaye" and some randomly obvious lines like, "Raat ke baad to subah hoti hai na" follow as you watch in sheer horror that who is the brilliant brain behind this criminally insane footage posing as film.

You are trapped BUT escape is possible. Before this butterfly turns into a gigantic demon who'd suck your brain right through the skull, its time to make a dash toward the EXIT. And do not mention about the Diary to anyone. EVER.

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