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Dylan Dog: Dead of Night

Dylan Dog: Dead of Night

2.7 266 Ratings

Directed by : Kevin Munroe

Release Date : | Length : 107 Minutes

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Brandon Routh stars as reluctant paranormal investigator Dylan Dog, who finds himself in a "turf war" between and among the undead, and Sam Huntington who co-stars as Marcus, Dylan's wise-cracking trusted assistant. Also co-starring are Taye Diggs as Vargas, head of the Vampire family, Anita Briem as Elizabeth, another potent...more


“This horror-comedy fails to scare you or make you laugh. Average acting is further brought down by a poor storyline. Watch it on DVD if you must.”

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Brandon Routh


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Dead on Arrival

Rated 1.5 / 5

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Dylan Dog: Dead of the Night arrives in Indian theatres more than a year after its International release, would have been best if this had gone straight to home-video or television where it truly belongs.

Based on an Italian comic Dylan Dog, the movies based around the exploits of a paranormal investigator/ monster hunter called Dylan Dog played by ex-Superman Brandon Routh. As Dylans Max Payne inspired voice-over informs us, hes been out of the supernatural investigation game for a long time since the death of his girlfriend. His only real friend is Marcus (Sam Huntington), an assistant of sorts who wants to be promoted to the level of partner. When a young lady, Elizabeth (Anita Briem) brings forth a murder case where the culprit might be a previously unseen large beast, Dylan initially rejects it but the untimely death of Marcus pulls him back into the game for one last time. So after profiling vampires and werewolves as suspects, shopping at zombie markets, digging up secrets from the past and a few twists and turns later, the movie actually tries to set up future instalments.

Cant fault the movie with not having ambition, but everything is so derivative of movies that have come before it that you just cant shake off the feeling of Dj vu. Id even go to the extent of calling it Constantines much poorer cousin who also like to wisecrack a lot and doesnt get much laughs either. The story too just runs in circles until dumping a twist on you for the sake of it.

The production values are on the lower end while the script works well enough for a B-movie. The acting isnt bad by any stretch but the writing certainly doesnt help make this a better movie. Plus the city of New Orleans isnt used effectively either and lacks a certain local flavour which maybe could have helped the movie.

Dylan Dog could have been a better movie with slicker production values and better writing. As it stands now, its only a poser and worth a watch on home video.

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