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Eat Pray Love

Eat Pray Love

2.7 141 Ratings

Directed by : Ryan Murphy

Release Date : | Length : 133 Minutes

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Liz Gilbert had everything a modern woman dreams of having - a husband, a house, a successful career - yet like so many others, she found herself lost, confused, and searching for what she really wanted in life. Newly divorced and at a crossroads, Gilbert steps out of her comfort zone, risking everything to change her life, e...more


“Does not live up to the best selling novel. Even Julia Robert's fans should wait till DVD release.”

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Julia Roberts

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Eat Pray Love AVOID

Rated 2.0 / 5
by Smita Vyas Kumar (6,903 DM Points) | See all my reviews

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Internal bias: I am always wary of film adaptations from books. They never seem to come out quite true to the original.

This movie lives up to my expectations. It is nowhere close in spirit to the novel. The book became a huge bestseller for the wry, humorous and sympathetic mirror she holds up to herself in it. The book shows us a compassionate but confused human being not above laughing at herself. The mirror in the movie reflects a Julia Roberts who is a whining, self pitying individual. That she also looks like an old wise woman makes you wonder what the men keep seeing in her here to keep falling for her.

The moments of epiphany that Elizabeth experiences are given as a voice -over and telling rather than showing is a crime in a movie I think. The words of wisdom from say her pal in the Ashram or the medicine man in Bali seem more pop philosophy preachy and leave no impact apart from making me say Get on with it woman. Enough already of all this finding yourself business.

And at the end of all the eating through Italy and praying in India trying to discover her soul where does she end up? On a beach in Bali kissing a man. Back where she started!

Italy is beautiful and if the theatre where you are watching does not have good snacks, the pasta and pizzas so lovingly pictured are going to make you binge post the show. The Ashram scenes in India could be anywhere. Dont know why such a big deal was made over her stay here. They could have made a set. Its a mystery to me why the Indian girl she befriends had cracked spectacles. Bali is shown in all its emerald green glory. All this makes it a good travel brochure than a story well told.

The laughs are very few, the only unintentional hilarious moment comes when you see a long shot of Julia Roberts in a sari that ends at her ankles.

Its a wonder that a woman who looks as washed out as Julia does here, who is so narcissistic and depressive for no reason keeps getting all the good looking (and sometimes younger) men to fall for her. Sigh.. some women have all the luck.

Its festival time folks! Eat your sweets, play some dandiya, and love the fact that you can find an Ashram round the corner if the self discovery bug bites you. And above all pray that no one tempts you with free tickets to watch this movie.

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