Fair Game

Fair Game

3.1 97 Ratings

Directed by : Doug Liman

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  • Critics Rating 3.5/5
  • MJ Rating 2.8/5
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As a covert officer in the CIAs Counter-Proliferation Division, Valerie leads an investigation into the existence of weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. Valeries husband, diplomat Joe Wilson, is drawn into the investigation to substantiate an alleged sale of enriched uranium from Niger. But when the administration ignores hi...more


“An impressive performance by Penn and Watts seems sufficient to engage you throughout the film.”

Fair Game Audience Review

W.M.E ( weapon of Mass Entertainement)

Rated 3.0 / 5

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The film begins with a scene between Naomi Watts & one of Indias most promising actor Anand Tiwari (watch him in President is coming).

Doug Liman is back in form after the 2008 disaster Jumper. That was not his territory at all. This film tells the story of Valerie Plame & her husband Joe Wilsons fight against the white house which has the most powerful people in the world. The film is a political thriller but it is also a family drama. What I loved in the film is the way the screenplay adds layer to the main premise for example, there are two dinner scenes in which Sean Penn listens discomfort ably to his friends talk about Saddam, WMD, Nukes etc and the way he reacts to it. Also the track of Hammad (played well by Khaled Nabawy) in Iran who was betrayed by the CIA .the scene between him and his son is the most poignant moment in the film. You will have difficulty in keeping pace with the film if you are not into American Politics. I suggest watch it more as human drama than a political thriller. This is the first time that I have seen Naomi Watts in lead role which gives her the scope to showcase her talent & Sean Penn lends her an able support. It is such a joy to watch good actors perform.

Final Few Words: Fair Game is what No One Killed Jessica should have been.

Rating: *** (Good)

Ticket Meter: worth a 170/- buck ticket.