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Directed by : Denzel Washington

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Fences based on the Pulitzer Prize winning play of the same name.

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Denzel Washington


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Powerhouse performances by Denzyl Washington and Voila Davis make the film high class

Rated 4.0 / 5
by Madan Mohan Marwah (8,083 DM Points) | See all my reviews

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This film directed by Denzyl Washington keeps one riveted due to the realistic performances of the lead couple for which they rightly received awards. Denzyl plays a waste collector and when we see him first he is a happy go lucky man who likes to talk a lot. In fact the first 40 minutes or so into the film we have Denzyl talking continuously and animatedly over his exploits of his earlier life much to the amusement of his domesticated wife Rose ( Voila Davis ) and his white buddy.
We learn that he has had a rough life due to an abusive father, has been to jail for petty offence , he is an alcoholic and a loser in life. Troy has a mentally challenged younger brother, a grown up son from a previous marriage who keeps asking for money every friday, a teenager son who wants to get into professional football and he now learns that the woman with whom he was having an affair is pregnant.She delivers a girl child but dies in the process.
The film dwells on these dysfunctional relationships at length and there is a lot of sadness. The film is shot on a stageplay's format on a single set of Troy's house and backyard. The camera and characters do not move out and the film develops throygh the dialogue. The film ends on an optimistic note as Troy's son returns as a corporal of the US marines.
The reference to the title is due the fence being set up around the house for which Troy wants help from his son. As Troy's buddy wryly says that the fence is not only to prevent outsiders from coming in but also to keep the inmates from leaving.
A highly watchable film due to the award winning performances of Denzyl Washington and Voila Davis.

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