Final Destination 5

Final Destination 5

3.7 737 Ratings

Directed by : Steven Quale

Release Date : | Length : 92 Minutes

  • Critics Rating 2.8/5
  • MJ Rating 2.8/5
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Death makes a killing in the next installment in the horror series which once again proves that no matter where you run, no matter where you can't cheat death.


“With a competent cast, sufficient 3D effects and enough twists & turns in the screenplay, Final Destination 5 is a treat for all horror movie buffs.”

Final Destination 5 Credit & Casting

Nicholas D'Agosto


Final Destination 5 Audience Review

Gore in 3 dimension

| by Rony D'costa |
Rated 2.5 / 5
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I dont remember Final Destination 4 in spite of having seen it just 2 years back. Films like these are meant to be watched and forgotten so I went into this one completely disinterested and the thought of wearing 3D glasses only added to the misery. But, when the bridge collapse sequence ended I was in a state of paisa vasool moment, elated that after a long time it was worth wearing those clunky 3D glasses. Just that sequence is worth the ticket. The plot is the same as all earlier movies. 8 people escape death but death doesnt like to be cheated so it kills them one by one. If looked at from deaths point of view how many different ways does it have to come up with to kill people?

The first death sequence is fantastic but not all deaths are fun to watch. Some are quite hurried. Director Steve Quale who was second unit director on Avatar makes perfect use of his past experience to design some worthy 3D sequences. A new writer (Eric Heisserer) & a new director on board works for the film. Going for a laser eye operation or an acupuncture massage might get a little uncomfortable for some after watching this film. The film derails towards the end. It should have stayed focused on designing good death sequences rather than going into the how to avoid death plot.

Final few words: Final Destination 5 is worth a ride if you sadistically enjoy watching people die and are comfortable eating popcorn while doing this.

Rating: **

Ticket meter: Worth 150/- bucks