Finding Happiness

Finding Happiness

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Directed by : Ted Nicolaou

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Finding Happiness is a film that captures a joyful reality. With a unique story directly from the heart and soul of each person who has lived it. Told through the eyes of a New York investigative journalist, Finding Happiness takes us on a journey to see how people can live in harmony, collaboration, compassion, cooperation, ...more


“Finding Happiness is a documentary that will delight the viewers who are interested in the spiritual subject it deals with. ”

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Elisabeth Rohm


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Happiness finds you

Rated 2.5 / 5
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The Joy of Living is a documentary on community living as practiced by the followers of the spiritual leader,Shri Paramhansa Yogananda and his disciple Swami Kriyananda. Shri Paramhansa Yogananda believed that we could achieve a more harmonious world if we built communities that lived together in a spirit of empathy and sharing where people worked for the common good of the community instead of for oneself.

The documentary follows a fictitous journalist to an actual community set up in California by Swami Kriyananda. Over a week she gets acqainted with the community and its members and learns more about thier philosopy and approach to life. She sees their organic farm, the school and learns about meditation and yoga. She gets gradually converted to the belief that it is possible to live differently from the frenzied way we live now , caught up in the rat race and a maze of greed and materialism.

The community is very idealistic and its easy to feel a desire to go and live a kinder gentler life. At times, the interviews can get a bit tedious to watch, but as a whole it opened my eyes to how one could enrich oneself.

The learning that stuck with me was "live to be happy and happy things will attract themselves to you." A powerful lesson to take home. If you like documentaries this may be of interest.