The Finest Hours

The Finest Hours

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Directed by : Craig Gillespie

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Bernard "Bernie" Webber, a crewman at the Coast Guard station in Chatham, Massachusetts on Cape Cod, has fallen in love with a local girl, Miriam Pentinen. The two plan to marry in April, but as per Coast Guard custom, Bernie must seek permission from the station's commander, Daniel Cluff. On the day he is due to ask permissi...more


“It does just fine not to bore you, not the finest.”

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Chris Pine

The Finest Hours Audience Review

Shoddy screenplay for the greatest small boat rescue!

| by Krishna Sripada |
Rated 2.5 / 5
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In 1952, 4 brave coast guards pull off a miracle, traversing through stormy seas without a compass, without any experience and without much help to find a wrecked oil tanker, thus saving 32 lives. Chris Pine as Bernie Webber follows his heart and his ethical compass to deny himself the luxury of saying 'he tried'. Instead he goes all out to find the missing tanker, reports of which lead to an expedition that sees a lot of seasoned coast guards excuse themselves to put Bernie in the line of responsibility.

The movie is bizarre considering the screenplay was drab despite a breathtaking plot. There is too much mumble-jumble and very little dialogue of note. Both Casey Affleck and Chris Pine play unlikely heroes with their boyish charm, people who are wiser than everyone else around. Yet, somewhere the movie lacks ethos, the intensity that makes underdog stories irrestible. The movie doesn't have too many highs or lows and the heroics despite all the cinematography used in recreating a stormy ocean fails to make the audience connect and feel the desperation, the one-sidedness of the odds. A story like this probably needed a more seasoned maker, someone who could make the adventure as real as it truly was for the audience. The 3D too was a disappointment. It could be watched once, but it fails to be the spectacle the story deserves.

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