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Fright Night

Fright Night

3.1 122 Ratings

Directed by : Craig Gillespie

Release Date : | Length : 106 Minutes

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Senior Charley Brewster finally has it allhes running with the popular crowd and dating the hottest girl in high school. In fact, hes so cool hes even dissing his best friend Ed . But trouble arrives when an intriguing stranger Jerry moves in next door. He seems like a great guy at first, but theres something not quite righ...more

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Anton Yelchin


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A fun night at the movies

Rated 3.0 / 5

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The original Fright Night (1985) apparently is a cult film which I missed out on. I didnt know anything about this Fright Night except that it stars Colin Farrell and is co produced by Reliance Entertainment. Sometimes being less informed can enhance your viewing experience.

Whats the story?
Story is about a kid (Anton Yelchin) who gets to know that his new neighbor (Colin Farrell) is a vampire. Now, he is to save his mom (Toni Collette), his girlfriend (Imogen Poots) and also the world from this new species of vampire.

Does it work for me?

It kept me engaged throughout and was filled with enough chills and thrills. The characters are well etched out for one to care for them and if I care for characters in a horror film half the job is done and in this one I became a part of their staying alive experience. Imogen Poots is yummylicious and ups the sex quotient without shedding clothes. Loved the character of Peter Vincent and David Tenna gives it a slight Jack Sparrow vibe. The 3D also worked at certain moments in the film or rather those old school cheap paper glasses worked. It goes from a high on tension build up to the lets kill him mode. Would be watching the original now to see how Craig Gillespie has added to the story.

Final few words: Fright Night is a mast watch for horror fans. It creates the right mood required and has a good mix of humor and thrills.

Rating: ***

Ticket Meter: Worth 150/- bucks.

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