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Directed by : Paul Feig

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A paranormal researcher (Melissa McCarthy), a physicist (Kristen Wiig), a nuclear engineer (Kate McKinnon) and a subway worker (Leslie Jones) try to rid New York of ghosts that can possess humans.

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Ghostbusters Review

Rated 2.5 / 5
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Remaking an Iconic movie like Ghostbusters is a tough job by itself. Remaking it with the protagonists genders inversed is a whole other level of difficulty. The new Ghostbuster needed to be amazing. It needed to be downright hilarious. It needed to be almost perfect to overcome the odds it had set itself up against. Sadly, Ghostbusters is a decent film at its best and no more which is a shame considering the talented cast.

Ghostbusters doesn't have much of a plot, but then neither did the original. These four women believe in spirits and are ridiculed by everyone for it. That is until spooky events start occurring with increasing frequency around town. Suddenly these oft ridiculed women are to be the saviours of their city. That is when they manage to pry themselves away from ogling their receptionist.

Ghostbusters is a decent attempt at a reboot, especially with it having to fight a public backlash from the first trailer itself. The movie takes its biggest risk with its casting and it's the one thing that pays off completely. The ghostbusters are all excellent, with Kate Mckinnon being the standout amongst them. The movie is a letdown in the CGI department, which is surprising given its production values. It's a decent watch, but not one you'll remember. If you're a fan hoping that this is a polished up remake of the original, then you'll probably end up disappointed.

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