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The Good Dinosaur

The Good Dinosaur

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Directed by : Peter Sohn

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  • MJ Rating 2.8/5
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What if the cataclysmic asteroid that forever changed life on Earth actually missed the planet completely and giant dinosaurs never became extinct?


“The Good Dinosaur is just as good as it sounds. Go for it!”

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John Lithgow


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The Good Dino

Rated 3.5 / 5
by Aneela Zeb (219 DM Points) | See all my reviews

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The GOOD DINO is the best thing that could happen to our weekend... And if some of you leave the theatre musing perhaps it would have been a good thing if the meteor had missed our planet.. Well I wouldn't blame you.
Settled agriculture and small farm holds would still be around. There would still be vulture like rednecks waiting to feast off the destitute. Man would still figured to walk upright... But the planet would sure be in a better shape right.
I asked the resident six year old what he took away from the film and he is of the view that "The movie is about Arlo a dinosaur and his brother Buck and their loving family. What he Loves about the film :1)Arlo finally makes his mark,2) an endearing Spot the critter boy marking his territory and it's wonderful when he tears into the flying dinosaur and 3)Arlo finding his mum. What was not so nice... "Oh nothing was Not Nice. There was one bad thing Arlo loses his father but a storm will come and a 'revolute' where the two will meet. Any tears were happy tears."
That sounds about all right.
To this I will add awesome graphics and finally a film that deserves it's 3D. Anything else will be a spoiler so please head out and enjoy two hours of the bravest hearts residing in the smallest of patakha packages

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