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Directed by : Alfonso Cuaron

Release Date : | Length : 90 Minutes

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Dr. Ryan Stone is a brilliant medical engineer on her first shuttle mission, with veteran astronaut Matt Kowalsky in command of his last flight before retiring. But on a seemingly routine spacewalk, disaster strikes. The shuttle is destroyed, leaving Stone and Kowalsky completely alone--tethered to nothing but each other and ...more


“Gravity is a spectacular sci-fi thriller which boasts exemplary filmmaking and a terrific performance by Sandra Bullock. It's a 3D experience you must not miss.”

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Space was never this beautiful

Rated 4.5 / 5
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In one of the many rivetting sequences in Gravity, the camera, and with it our gaze, moves from the stark dead silence of outer space into the anxiety, fear and emotional turmoil inside Sandra Bullocks space helmet. The switch happens, drwaing us into er inner world of chaos that is loud and noisy, much like earth, from the outer quiet chaos that the universe above us is. Gravity, through some amazing CGI and stellar performances, drives home this contrast with an ease rarely seen.

Sandra is Ryan, a greenhorn space engineer out with Kowalski ( George Buzz Lightyear Clooney) on her maiden space mission, when they are told of Russian satelity having been destroyed and the debris heading their way to decimate whatever "life" they had there. Both Ryan and Kowalski are thrown out into outerspace like floating nothings. The film is about how Ryan finds her way back to earth, and to gravity.

The most striking thing about Gravity is that the film makes you feel, sympathise with and actually belive in a movie that otherwise would have been a soulless piece of computer graphics trudging along with a money fulled need to create a blockbuster. Sandra Bullock and the director Alfonso create a film that is in the same breath a sci fiction thriller and a metaphorical look at the insiginficance of individuals in the bigger picture, of Life's tenacity to survive and well, live.

The film begins with the duo repairing a device that helps man in relity view the outer space. Here though, we get a view of Earth from atop that very same device and its vantage point. Calm, still, going around its motions unoblivious of the rigmarole of human life surviving on it, Earth assumes a zen like quality and etheral beauty when seen from up there. Some scintillating visuals of the blue planet abound the film giving us the most memorable space imagery on celluloid in recent times.

The whole enterprise comes alive, aidied by Sandra Bullocks immense talent. Ryan is physically and emotionally tested in the space, a rookie with the baggage of losing a child due to an accident that finds its roots in gravity on earth, Ryan is in space, away from gravity, floating and facing imminent death. Through her, Sandra displays some fine acting chops, her immediacy, nervousness, pain, anguish, the wish to just somehow live, makes the jounrey of gravity real.

The other hero here is the imemersive 3D. This is a film that is meant to be seen in imax 3D and nothing else. You are in the space with the characters, the stomach churns and heart pops out into the mouth each time the characters float and face danger up there. the third dimension has never been used so effectively, going beyond just te visual spectacle but actually enhancing the emotional impact of the movie.

Save for the too good to be true act by George Clooney (delightful nonetheless) Gravity is superb cinema. Watch this one in imax where ever you can. for this is how redefining space genre begins for cinema.

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