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2.7 123 Ratings

Directed by : Pascal Chaumeil

Release Date : | Length : 105 Minutes

  • MJ Rating 2.8/5
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Alex is a charming, funny, and effortlessly cool professional break-up artist with just ten days to sabotage the relationship of a seemingly perfect couple. But with one of his targets, the beautiful, feisty and independent Juliette, will he find that when it comes to love the perfect plan doesn't always exist?


“The film borrows its plot from several Hollywood films like Hitch, Wedding Crashers etc but manages to entertain the audience with funny dialogues and a few appreciable performances. Keep your expectations in control and you will enjoy it!”

Heartbreaker Audience Review

Sappy & Predictable

Rated 2.5 / 5

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Looks like making Bollywood Masala type cinematic fare isnt limited to the Indians, if what i have seen over the past two years is anything to go by, then the French seem to have mastered it. Heartbreaker is a French romantic-comedy that say the light of the day way back in 2010 but is hitting our shores only now. I should take it as a good sign that a non-Hollywood film is deemed worthy enough to release here.

Alex (Romain Duris) is the French version of Will Smiths character of Hitch, except in the reverse. He and his team specialises in breaking up couples for a price, however there are rules; only unhappy couples, only women are targeted and no sex involved. Alex is a real pro at what he does and thanks to the team he has comprising of his sister, Melanie (Julie Ferrier) & brother-in-law, Marc (Francois Damiens), they are able to pull off almost heist like schemes to break off even the most unlikely of couples. Alex however strapped for cash takes up an assignment to break off the engagement of a rich heiress, Juliet Van Der Becq (Vanessa Paradis) with her almost perfect suitor, John (Andrew Lincoln). With ten days to go for the wedding and no faults to be found in the couple, Alex and his team face their toughest challenge. As Alex starts to get closer to Juliet, he starts to fall for her, thus putting his task at hand in jeopardy. So will Alex be able to break Juliets heart or have his own broken instead.

The highlight of the movie is easily the chemistry between, Melanie & Marc. The two are funny in their respective roles and bounce off well with each other. Vanessa Pardis, who is better known as a Mrs. Johnny Depp looks cute until she reveals her horrendous front teeth while Romain Duris puts on his best French-man impression. Walking Dead star Andrew Linclon has a thankless role as the other guy.

Any movie which bases its resolution and theme on Dirty Dancing doesnt count very high on my appreciation list but somehow its charming enough in its limited own way to count as a onetime watch. The movie though pays homage or copies shamelessly from countless movies like It Happened One Night, Wedding Crashers , Hitch and many others.

Heartbreaker is like a Bollywood flick with French actors, dont expect much and you might not be disappointed. Its predictable as hell but still kind of charming in a saccharine, sweet way.

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