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Directed by : Scott Mann

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When their attempt to rob a gangster's (Robert De Niro) casino goes awry, a desperate man (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) and his partner (Dave Bautista) hijack a city bus to escape from the police and a maniacal thug (Morris Chestnut).


“For the baggage of stellar cast it had, Heist deserved better cinematic execution.”

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Robert De Niro


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Okay, okay!

Rated 2.0 / 5
by Krishna Sripada (72 DM Points) | See all my reviews

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Dean Morgan and Robert de Niro are good actors, to say the obvious. In a heist movie, you would expect them to look cool, pull some moves off in style. However, Heist hardly gives them much. Yes, the movie has a couple of good tricks up its sleeve but by the time it pulls those tricks off, the audience has already lost its enthusiasm. The movie is not bad. It is about a desperate man working in a casino, needing $300,000 for his kid's operation. His boss is a man of principles, not exceptions. That leaves him with nothing but a stupid movie to try and steal from him. He miraculously has the security locker codes even after being fired - so much for try to keep things secured. Cops are corrupt and casino owners own them - cliches and more cliches. But Dean Morgan plays the role of a man who is good at his heart and has been forced to loot the casino. So, he becomes a crowd favorite soon. The movie goes from stealing in the casino to hijacking a bus, a hostage situation that is poorly handled by the cops as well as by the director. How it ends is ridiculously easy, and the twists come a little too late to salvage the interest that the audience lost. Heist is not a bad movie but there are better heist movies to just watch on DVD. The OST or cinematography doesn't help either.

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