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Hidden Figures

Hidden Figures

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Directed by : Theodore Melfi

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Three Africa-American women in a fascinating story become key participants of one of the biggest operations NASA has led.

Hidden Figures Credit & Casting

Taraji P. Henson

Hidden Figures Audience Review

Mathematician African American lady helps male experts of NASA to put man in space in 1961

Rated 4.0 / 5
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It is 1961 and the movie is set in USA. America and Russia are in a race to put a man in space and Russia wins this race by putting Yuri Gagarin in space. This puts NASA under pressure. This is the backdrop of the film.
An excellently made film where Tarai Henson plays a highly talented Africa American woman who works in NASA and works her
way up inspite of racial and gender discrimination which was prevalent in those
times. She becomes totally indispensable in working out the maths of the geometry of space programmes to the extent that spaceman John Glenn asks the programme
in charge Kevin Costner to have her recheck the landing coordinates.
The other two black women are played by Octavia Spencer who faces a road block in her rise since she is black and Janelle Monae who wants to become an aeronautical engineer but can't get admission in all white high schools.
There are separate coloured bathrooms and libraries. There is no coloured bathroom in the block where she works and Tarai has to run with documents to the opposite block to use the bathroom. In a significant scene boss Kevin personally breaks the board announcing coloured bathroom.
The women are successful in breaking the colour and gender barrier through sheer talent and competence. Tarai persuades superiors to become the first lady to attend top meetings at Pentagon and be in the operations room while space flight is in progress. Octavia husles to get her talent in computers recognized and is made supervisor. Janelle persuades the judge to make a pioneer judgement to allow her admission to an all white school for the first time.
The director Theodore Melfi has done a superb job. The scenes of colour discrimination and of the space programmes are presented with remarkable realism. Tarai Henson as Katherine has acted
superbly as the docile and extremely
talented black woman who pushes her way up. Kevin Costner as the gum chewing and encouraging programme in charge has done a good job. Both Octavia and Janelle have
given award winning performances.
A word for the catchy tunes in the soundtrack which adds to the value of the film.

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