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Hot Tub Time Machine

Hot Tub Time Machine

2.7 63 Ratings

Directed by : Steve Pink

Release Date : | Length : 101 Minutes

  • MJ Rating 2.5/5
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A group of best friends have become bored with their adult lives: Adam has been dumped by his girlfriend; Lou is a party guy who cant find the party; Nicks wife controls his every move; and video gameobsessed Jacob wont leave his basement. After a crazy night of drinking in a ski resort hot tub, the men wake up, heads poundin...more

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John Cusack

Hot Tub Time Machine Audience Review

4 Unhappy Men,stuck in past life gives 1 mad flick

Rated 3.0 / 5

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Yes, you all read it right that 4 Unhappy men can really tickle your funny bones. Hot Tub Time Machine is a package containing hilarious punches (mostly toilet humor), superb acting and silly funny script. You will get to see all this and more in the era of 80s.

Talking about our four heroes namely Adam (John Cusack), Nick (Craig Robinson), Lou (Rob Corddry) and Jacob (Clark Duke) are not happy about the way their lives turned out. Three childhood buddies; Adam who is single after breakup, Nick who is NOT happily married, Lou who is divorced and Jacob (Adams Nephew) who is a video game geek are fed up of their present life. They all plan an outing to their favorite ski resort, where they find a hot tub which turns out to be a time machine. It takes them in the year 1986 when they all were young and in high spirits. They get a chance to revive their past and make their future better than what it actually is. Now the whole point is; should they fiddle with their future or they should leave it as it is? Should they delete few bad things from their past so, that they get better future prospects? Adam in terms of relationship; Nick in terms of standing up; Lou in terms of a broken marriage and Jacob in terms of existence get one more chance? Will the hot tub actually turn-out to be their lifeline or tampering with the future will result in even horrible consequences? All these questions will be answered but with hilarity!

The movie is well directed, keeping every small detail regarding 80s in mind from costumes to hair to language to music and not to forget even humor. The entire script is presented so properly that it will keep you smiling throughout. Its a total mindless comedy and the fact that characters in the film know this, has made it even better. I know the plot of hot tub being a time machine sounds senseless but it really lives up to its genre onscreen.

Every character adds something new to the movie, John Cusack has performed his bit of a dull man brilliantly; Craig Robinson is hilarious and we see him singing few all time favorites; Rob Coddry's act is appreciable and young rising star Clark Durke has given his best. Not only the main cast, each and everyone in the movie have done justice to their role. I will not say every gag will make you laugh out loud but yes you will have fun watching it.

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