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Directed by : Christopher Nolan

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Dom Cobb has the ability to steal ideas by entering the subconsciouness of his targets but this time he has a chance to fix his mistakes--by planting an idea.

Inception Audience Review

'Tell Me Your Dreams'

| by Gaurav Gadre |
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If you thought that Christopher Nolan had an impressive career so far with Batman Begins, Prestige and The Dark Knight, wait till you see Inception. Hands down Inception is Nolan's best movie and one of Hollywood's best ever. Apparently it took him 10 years to complete the script and rightly so. My first reaction after watching the movie was, 'How the hell did he visualize this movie??'

Inception is a path breaking movie much like The Matrix in terms of concept or like Avatar in terms of story telling. The plot revolves around Leonardo's character. Leonardo and his team specializes in hacking into peoples dreams and extracting information. The twist comes into play when they are asked to sow an idea while hacking one such dream of a millionaire by the name of Fischer. Giving away anything more would be unfair for the movie.

Nolan decides to gradually increase the complexity in the movie. He starts of with a single level dream and then goes on increasing dream within dreams and so on as the movie progresses. But to his credit never does the viewer get lost nor does Nolan slip up in terms of direction.

The background score just like The Dark Knight is outright awesome. It gave me goosebumps in most of the scenes.

The actors play their part to perfection. Leonardo was awesome as always. Joseph Gordon and Ellen Page were a revolution. Ken Watanabe as Saito was brilliant.

As good as the actors were, its the script, screenplay, editing, direction and Nolan's vision is what makes this movie extra ordinarily brilliant.

Don't miss this movie for the world. Put it on your bucket list. Once you have watched the movie, 'Let the discussions begin'

p.s. Probably this is the first movie I have ever given 5 stars to.