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The Intern

The Intern

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Directed by : Nancy Meyers

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  • MJ Rating 2.8/5
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A 70-year-old widower comes out of retirement to take an internship at an online fashion site.


“Despite the laughs it bids, The Intern isn't quite what it could have been.”

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Anne Hathaway


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The Intern

Rated 3.0 / 5
by Aneela Zeb (219 DM Points) | See all my reviews

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The Intern happens to be most of Nancy Meyers filmography when I start thinking of phrases to sum up my movie watch. Its Complicated. I cant be condescending towards its shmatlz as there are exchanges (and one very hits you in the guts kind as De Niro and Hathaway discuss marriage and life decisions over chocloate crisps and pyjamas) that do sound very clear headed and pragmatic. It is a story of how Something's Gotta Give when it comes to The Millenials. And the Parent Trap when it comes to breaking free, modern marriage and the bigger decisions.

The Intern in the end is a sum of it is cliches and I did groan a bit when Sanskari Babu De Niro takes over Anna Hathaway *not even time to exhale* Jules. Only difference that De Niro's Ben Whittaker tai chis instead of kapal bhati but you catch my drift. Jules doesnt start making dhokla but she does promise to make a guacamole for her kid's school fete. So baby steps. Ben Whittaker makes being seventy the smartest thing our generation can aspire to, though how the hipsters will handle seventy-hood is anyone's guess. I wish there was more of Rene Russo, kind of a shame for her to just be the Gauhar Khan of the office, being the item number at a funeral.

But when I am done rolling my eyes, I will take away the little moments from the film. Jules surveying the paraphrenelia of coupledom, of being a parent as she contemplates life ahead. DeNiro's Ben taking a step back and saying Let Me Be The Feminist Here. Hathaway blurting out our number one fear as we stay on in complicated relationships, dead end jobs, toxic friendships. We dont want to end up in the scary, single space in the cemetery.

Give the movie a chance, will ya?

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