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Directed by : Pablo Larraín, Darren Aronofsky

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Jackie narrates one of the most significant chapters of American history with the then First Lady Jackie Kennedy in fray post the assassination of her husband.

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Natalie Portman

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Moving film on life of the first lady Jackie after assassination of President John Kennedy

Rated 4.0 / 5
by Madan Mohan Marwah (8,083 DM Points) | See all my reviews

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One of the most tragic chapters of political history deals with the assassination of young and iconic American President John Kennedy in the year 1963 where he left behind a devastated wife Jackie and two infant children. This film deals with the aftermath of this tragic event where the first lady struggles to come to terms after her world comes crashing down in moments. She is still in trauma and keeps moving inside the white house unable to accept the loss.
Those familiar with the events which took place at that time will find the movie very interesting.
All the scenes are well presented by director Pablo Larrain and look realistic particularly the following. The actual assassination sequence with the fatally injured President lying with his head on her lap , the swearing in of President Johnson, the shooting of the assassin, Jackie breaking the news to the kids and the funeral procession with Jackie and kids. Also heart wrenching is the scene where Jackie is wiping off blood stains from her pink dress and face crying all the time.
Full marks to Natalie Portman for a superb award winning performance as the devastated and anguished first lady. Her acing in scenes of shock and grief are praiseworthy indeed.
The other actors playing Robert Kennedy and Lyndon Johnson are adequate in their roles. The director has steered clear of many contentious issues and concentrated mainly on Jackie's grief and her efforts to reconcile with the changed circumstances.

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