Jupiter Ascending

Jupiter Ascending

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Directed by : Andy Wachowski , Lana Wachowski

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Mila Kunis plays the only person who possesses the same perfect genetic makeup as the highly evolved Queen of the Universe. But what the wicked ruler never imagined is that the young woman threatening her reign is a Russian immigrant cleaning lady on Earth. A bounty hunter (Channing Tatum) is dispatched to take her down, but ...more


“Jupiter Ascending descended into an utterly confused mess. ”

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Mila Kunis

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Jupiter Ascending

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Rated 2.5 / 5
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Jupiter Ascending is probably best described in one word (or words, for that matter) : TMI. Too Much Information is being force fed to the audience at a breakneck pace, with just enough pauses to give you whiplash. There's no denying the effort that has been put into the movie, though. The visuals, the action and the scenery are breathtaking. However, an overly dramatic soundtrack and a forced romance between the two leads are major letdowns. The inconsistent plot doesn't help either as the lore feels like it has a lot of potential.

Jupiter Jones is an illegal immigrant, living in the US who cleans toilets for a living. Her mundane life is completely shattered when one day she is attacked by a group of aliens. She is rescued by Caine Wise, an intergalactic mercenary who has been hired to take her to Titus Abraxus, one of the Royals of an intergalactic empire. His siblings, Kalique and Balem have also sent out agents to capture, and in the case of Balem, Kill her. Somewhere along the story Sean Bean comes into the mix and there's fighting which makes the audience guess if Sean Bean will survive the two and a half hours of film time or not.

If the above paragraph seemed confusing to you, its because Jupiter Ascending's plot is exactly that. Confusing. There's no continuity. One gets the feeling that its been hastily edited. However, the characters, barring Jupiter(cliched, but not terrible) are fairly interesting, as is the universe its set in. The set pieces are intense and sight to behold, especially in 3D. Jupiter Ascending is definitely a watchable movie, but you'll step out of the theatre feeling that you know just as much about the movie as you did before watching it.

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