Kingsman: The Secret Service

Kingsman: The Secret Service

3.5 541 Ratings

Directed by : Matthew Vaughn

Release Date : | Length : 131 Minutes

  • Critics Rating 4.0/5
  • MJ Rating 3.8/5
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Based upon the acclaimed comic book, "Kingsman: The Secret Service" tells the story of a super-secret spy organization that recruits an unrefined but promising street kid into the agency's ultra-competitive training program just as a global threat emerges from a twisted tech genius.


“Kingsman: The Secret Service is so astoundingly awesome, it might as well be called the official spin-off of James Bond! ”

Kingsman: The Secret Service Credit & Casting

Colin Firth

Kingsman: The Secret Service Audience Review

Quentin Tarantino meets James Bond in a 'very English' movie!

Rated 4.0 / 5

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What's the definition of an entertaining movie? Excellent cast with their own idiosyncracies, whims, quirks and mannerisms. Tick. Some really good lines. Tick. Some kickass action. Tick. Some humorous moments to loosen the audience. Tick. A good script, yes, definitely. Tick. An underdog element. Double tick. Fancy Bond-like guns and gadgets. Tick. A brilliant, almost lovable villain. Tick. A hot, kickass secretary-cum-lover-cum-bodyguard for him.Tick. One can go on all night, trying to figure out if Kingsman misses out on any elements and ingredients of a brillient entertainer; and still fail. It is that bloody good. Oh and while we are at it, who knew Colin Firth could look so elegantly British, while performing some of the most eye-popping close-combat scenes!

The story involves a secret society called Kingsman, a clandestine, selfless group of vigilantes, who do what is necessary to keep the planet safe from miscreants, not claiming glory or fame, seeing as the world and its top echelons is infiltrated by the greedy and the corrupt. Arthur (Michael Caine) heads this group with Harry Hart (Colin Firth) and Merlin (Mark Strong) being one of his most glorious executives. They are pitted against Valentine (Samuel Jackson), that man with a wonderful dialogue-delivery style, accentuated with a quirky lisp. He has Gazelle (Sofia Boutella), his one-in-all, with two razor sharp blades for legs, which she can turn at will like the propellers of a helicopter(Reeks of Tarantino, isn't it?)

Valentine, a megalomaniac billionaire, has a masterplan up his sleeve, in his idea of eliminating all the unwanted population on the planet, while retaining only the rich, the famous and the royal. Kingsmen face a lot of odds, even as they are trying to actively replace one of their lost lieutenants. In contention is Eggsy (Taron Egerton), the son of an ex-Kingsmen, who gives his life to save that of Harry's. While Eggsy is supremely talented with a high IQ, he lets his skills go to the dogs. But in Harry, he finds a lovable mentor, who gives him an opportunity to join the super-stylish-and-skillful group of gentlemen who believe that 'manners maketh man' and know a thing or two about the most sophiticated weaponry seen in a non-Bond movie. Roxy (Sophie Cookson) is the lady who eventually makes it to the vacant position on the Kingsmen, a masterstroke from the director Matthew Vaugh to show how women are not far behind and sometimes up ahead.

Vaugh, who directed X-Men: First Class, makes a movie that uses its screenplay as a stylish prop to entertain the audience. While technology has been used in plenty to make the movie interesting, like implants in all the loyalists of Valentine, erupting to create a visual spectacle, the movie has plenty of soul, plenty of drama, plenty of involvement, something that stylish movies end up lacking. It also boasts of one of the best OSTs in recent times with a glorious collection of background scores that will gee you up through the entire treat. Don't miss it!

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