Kong: Skull Island - Rise of the King

Kong: Skull Island - Rise of the King

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Directed by : Jordan Vogt-Roberts

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In a fascinating development as a reboot in the popular King Kong franchise, Kong: Skull Island is set on a mysterious backdrop. On an island that that is found to have been an origin of a new species, Kong is one of the giant specie that is worth saving for. The film includes an ensemble cast that largely play together as th...more


“Visuals keep you at the edge of your seats, but that’s just about it!”

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Tom Hiddleston

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Exciting flashes of everything you have already seen

Rated 3.5 / 5
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Even if you don't believe yourself to be an ardent Hollywood fan, visuals of Kong Skull Island would give you dejavu of the highest order. In an uncharted island somewhere in the south of Pacific, a monstrous species is being hunted for by a terrain of army. However they don't realise what's coming for them as the set out hunt is soon shaped into a battle for survival.
Kong Skull Island doesn't really put any wrong foot forward but its overtly cliched sequences do not really go beyond what could have been a real reboot of this franchise. While the interesting build up makes you bite your nails on quite a few occasions, it's disappointing how it falls short of an accomplished watch.
However, by no means does the movie falter in serving what it promised. It keeps you tensed for most part and ultimately slips in its real intent through attractive visuals.
Performances (Brie Larsen in particular) do lift up the intrigue that Kong tries to sketch, but is undone by an unfortunate 'seen before' treatment.
You really won't mind viewing this extravagant screen montage, but it could have been so much more!
It's a good watch none the less