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Largo Winch II

Largo Winch II

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Release Date : | Length : 119 Minutes

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The CEO of the W group is accused of crimes against humanity when he announces his intention to sell his corporation and uses his proceeds to create a humanitarian foundation


“Apart from a few impressive action sequences, Largo Winch II doesn’t really offer anything. An unclear storyline and mediocre acting together make it an unbearable experience for the audience. Skip it!”

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Sharon Stone

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Messed Up Affair

Rated 1.5 / 5
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Largo Winch is an example of how all pervading Hollywood is, not just for Hindi cinema, but for any commercial cinema anywhere. A french book character brought to life on screen for the second time, Largo Winch 2 is a messy film that fails to engage or entertain.

Largo is a unwanting heir to a rich empire, which he decides to donate for humanitarian causes. Out of the blue, though, he finds himself being accused of crimes against humanity. How he clears his name and saves his Burmese family is the plot of the film.

The story has a smattering of English with most of the proceedings happening in French and Burmese- a fact that confounds the already confused story line. The story unevenly criss crosses a three year time span, which after a point also looses any semblance of meaning and reason. There are some splendidly done car chases and action sequences, picturesque Burma and Thailand, but without a sound script and competent direction, all of it is wasted.

Acting too is uniformly sad. The biggest disappointment is Sharon Stone, who is only in there to attract audiences to this otherwise star less venture. Her character is the worst etched of the lot and falls flat despite her desperate attempts to breathe life into it.

Largo Winch is a painful two hours long watch. Neither does it have a proper story to tell, nor does it pack in enough blood and violence or even sleaze to keep one engaged. Steer clear.

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