Largo Winch II

Largo Winch II

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Release Date : | Length : 119 Minutes

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The CEO of the W group is accused of crimes against humanity when he announces his intention to sell his corporation and uses his proceeds to create a humanitarian foundation


“Apart from a few impressive action sequences, Largo Winch II doesn’t really offer anything. An unclear storyline and mediocre acting together make it an unbearable experience for the audience. Skip it!”

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Sharon Stone

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Part James Bond, part Indian Jones, part Jason Bourne and to a lesser extent Bruce Wayne, Frances international answer to every hero clich is here, Largo Winch. This movie is actually a sequel to 2008s, Largo Winch: The Heir Apparent which itself was based on a series of best-selling Belgian comic books about a rich French businessman who is embroiled in some or the other corporate conspiracy and global events surrounding it.

Not having watched the first movie barely hurts your ability to understand the characters and the setup, not that the movies trying for Oscar worthy level of writing either. Largo Winch (Tomar Sisley) is the owner of a multibillion dollar business empire, who suddenly decides to take his philanthropic side to a whole new level by selling off his company and investing that money into humanitarian efforts around the world. Moments after signing the contract, he is arrested for the crime of abetting in genocide from a time he lived in Burma. Now Largo Winch is tasked with clearing his father and his name while trying to figure out who is out to frame him as globe trots from one exotic destination to another.

The movies attempts at being a non-stop thrill ride just position it as a James Bond clone and nearly action sequence in the movie, you have seen somewhere or the other. If I discount the hokey attempts of the script to get all dramatic then there is very little left, and the mystery as to the identity of the mastermind is pretty easy to figure out, unless you have not watched a movie like this before. At least Sharon Stone gets to unwind those long legs, even if she looks more haggard than hot.

Largo Winch is a highly predictable and clichd film which attempts to be more American in spite of being an European production. If only it had taken some inspiration from Mr. Besson, much life could have been injected into the otherwise boring and mundane proceedings.