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Last Vegas

Last Vegas

3.1 163 Ratings

Directed by : Jon Turteltaub

Release Date : | Length : 105 Minutes

  • MJ Rating 2.9/5
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Four best friends decide to escape retirement and throw the ultimate Las Vegas bachelor party for the last single member of their group.

Last Vegas Credit & Casting

Robert De Niro

Last Vegas Audience Review

4 Legends try, but dont quite deliver a homerun!

Rated 3.0 / 5

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The Flatbush Four, atleast thats what they call themselves is the cool group of kids in the 50's who meet decades later to celebrate the marraige of one of the mates.

They go to Vegas to celebrate like their 20 and go wild judging bikini contests, cracking viagra jokes, canoodling hot women & doing everything they shouldnt be.

To be fair, the chemistry between the 4 oldies is cracking and they are out there having mad fun too. Some of it rubs off but for most of it, its half-baked. The jokes are moldy, the freshness is missing & I really dont want to see Rober De Niro do this. Sir, you are a legend, please avoid such ventures.

But even then, the sub plots, health jokes, Freeman, Douglas combine to deliver quite a few laughs that keep this car moving. I certainly enjoyed this much more than the last outing for Hangover.

I'd say go watch this one with no expectations and you'll come out amused. It makes you cringe at times but still a good attempt and an easy watch.

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