Letters to Juliet

Letters to Juliet

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Directed by : Gary Winick

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When a young American, Sophie, travels to Verona, Italy -- the romantic city where Romeo first met Juliet -- she meets a group of volunteers who responds to letters written to Juliet seeking advice about love. Sophie finds and responds to a letter that has been lost for 50 years, which inspires its author Claire to travel to ...more


“The usual mushy love story. If you're a fan, then go for it, otherwise give this Hollywood story with a Bollywood ending, a miss!”

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Letters to Nowhere

Rated 1.5 / 5
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A dreamy eyed girl in the big bad world of journalism in New York, wanting to make it big in her field of dreams, with an ambitious unsupportive boyfriend. Sounds familiar, doesnt it? Well the plots as predictable as they can be!

Sophie (Amanda Seyfried) an aspiring writer, working as a fact checker in The New Yorker, wants to marry her fianc Victor (Gael Garca Bernal) who is poised to open his own restaurant. Together they plan a pre-honeymoon trip to Italy. Only for Sophie to be ignored by Victor in Verona so he can go cheese and wine tasting! Lonely Sophie meanders around town to stumble upon Juliets Square, where dozens of women write letters to Juliet, seeking advice from her for their love lives. She discovers Juliets secretaries a group of four women, who collect the letters daily and then reply to them, on behalf of Juliet of course!

Sophie finds one old letter dated 1957, under a brick and takes it upon herself to write to Claire. Claire had written the letter after realizing that she might have made a mistake by not turning up to meet her then lover Lorenzo Bartolini (Franco Nero). Upon receiving the letter, Claire (Vanessa Redgrave), now a widow, returns with her grandson Charlie (Chris Egan). Charlie is very skeptical about Sophie and at that very moment they both strike a mutual dislike chord! Expected wasnt it? So together our 3 velas, embark on a, what can be called tourism sponsored ride across the scenic plains of Italy, eating ice creams, in search of the elusive Lorenzo Bartolini. As the director would have it, Sophie and Charlie realize that they are not such bad blokes after all! Wow! Needless to say they find many other Lorenzos with the same surname enroute, till they find the real Lorenzo, who by an act of God, is a widower himself! True love always wins. Sophie goes back to New York only to realize where her heart really lies, not with Victor. She returns to Verona as a guest for Lorenzo and Claires wedding. In the end true love conquers all!

Gary Winick, fresh after Bride Wars, serves you a pizza with different toppings. Instead of a scheming banker or senator as a boyfriend, usually found in such stories, we have a restaurateur. Instead of falling in love with a care free, mangled hair Casanova, you have an uptight Austrian with a Brit accent! The movie goes wrong for me, conceptually. I agree that there are only an X amount of settings for a love story, so directors keep changing countries, professions and backdrops, but Letters, inspite of all these variations comes across as a half baked effort. More so as if Winick was in a hurry to come up with his next rom-com release! The jokes aint that great either!

Vanessa Redgrave looks classic. Chris Egans accent is a big let down. Amanda Seyfried, with her eyes conveys more than the clichd dialogues. But alas, this aint no Mamma Mia! Date flick at max.

Does it have The Y Factor:NO


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