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3.4 133 Ratings

Directed by : Neil Burger

Release Date : | Length : 105 Minutes

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Eddie Morra, an aspiring author suffering from chronic writer's block, is suddenly transformed into a genius with the help of 'Clear Pill', a new revolutionary drug. Eddie soon turns his small stake into millions in Wall Street. An invitation to help broker the largest merger in corporate history by mega-mogul Carl Van Loon b...more


“A mind-boggling concept that far exceeds the intelligence of the script. The movie however displays enough thrills and technical finesse to keep you hooked on.”

Limitless Credit & Casting

Robert De Niro

Limitless Audience Review

A limited caper

Rated 3.5 / 5
by Mehul Suri (50 DM Points) | See all my reviews

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Sci-fi thriller is a genre that Hollywood serves brilliantly. But more often than not, what is an exceptional premise ends up being trite and formulaic because of the burden of its limitless possibilities. Limitless suffers from this very same problem.

Director Neil Burger (Illusionist) adapts Alan Glynns novel and treats it through the regular ragbag of science fiction and comes up with a visually interesting but very predictable film. Eddie Morra (Bradley Cooper) is a loser writer struggling with an existential crisis. After being way behind his next book and recently dumped by his girlfriend, Eddie bumps into Vernon, his ex brother-in-law who was also a drug dealer in another life. Vernon now works for a pharmaceutical company that is currently doing research work on a miracle drug that helps the brain realize its full potential, thus rendering the consumer with limitless possibilities. But Eddies super human ability results in a downward spiraling ride filled with drug abuse, bolstered by a mystery.

The film uses interesting camera work and the visuals effects of the pill are reminiscent of Requiem For A Dream. The mystery angle also manages to keep you hooked at places. The screenplay is excellently written by the talented Leslie Dixon (of Mrs Doubtfire and Pay It Forward fame). However the film fails to deliver in the acting department. Bradley Cooper is insufficient in his role as an ex-loser-now-superman-dealing -with-self-discovery. Robert DeNiro is magic on screen but is wasted overall. The rest of the cast supports measurably.

Our brain is said to use only a portion of its true potential. So does this film (more or less). But do go watch it. As it is we have limited options.

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