Little Fockers

Little Fockers

2.4 80 Ratings

Directed by : Paul Weitz

Release Date : | Length : 98 Minutes

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It has taken 10 years, two little Fockers with wife Pam and countless hurdles for Greg to finally get "in" with his tightly wound father-in-law, Jack. The cash-strapped dad takes a job moonlighting for a drug company; but, Jack's suspicions come roaring back. When Greg and Pam's entire clan-including Pam's lovelorn ex, Kevin ...more


“Except a few occasional laughs, there's nothing to appreciate in this threequel.”

Little Fockers Audience Review

Too muck Focking

| by Yusuf Poonawala |
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When Meet the Parents released in 2000, it was pathbreaking. The Stiller-De Niro duo had you in splits. The way De Niro signals Stiller with his fingers, I am watching you struck an immediate chord with the audiences worldwide. The sequel Meet the Fockers in 2004, introduced Dustin Hoffman & Barbara Streisand as Stillers lovable, hatke parents. When one sat to see the third installment of this franchisee, the expectations are high, sky high.

Gay Focker (Ben Stiller) & Pam Focker (Teri Polo) are about to celebrate the 5th birthday of their twins in the backyard of their new home. In the meanwhile, Jack Byrnes (Robet De Niro) suffers a mild heart attack. This leads Jack to anoint Gay as The GodFocker, the new head of the family after Jack. In the meanwhile Andy Garcia (Jessica Alba) a pharmaceutical representative wants Gay to endorse an erectile dysfunction drug, Sustengo, since he is still a nurse. Somewhere in the background, Bernard (Dustin Hoffman) is learning the Flamenco and Rosalind (Barbara Streisand) is hosting a TV show while citing her sons now defunct sex life due to the arrival of their children. Jack in the meantime, suspects Gay to be having an affair with Andy, just like his elder son in law. To make matters worse, Kevin Rawley (Owen Wilson) the investment banker, leading an alternative life style arrives on the scene, still wooing Pam. A combination of Jack and stress does not bring out the best in Gay a.k.a. Greg.

The film, relies heavily on gags which are outright vulgar and in poor taste. The entire episode of Jack & Greg dealing with Jacks situation in the bathroom, with Gregs 5 year old son as a witness, is the pits. Am surprised, someone as respectable as De Niro, agreed to it. That explains his mention of the film in his acceptance speech at the recently concluded Golden Globes. Jessica Alba, looks sexy as always and does her bit to spice things up. Teri Polo is purely okay. Stiller is irritating, Irritating, IRRITATING! His entire Brando rip off is a no-no.

Hoffman & Streisand are totally wasted in the film. Hoffman appears precisely for 3 scenes, which is such a shame. De Niro in the meanwhile, tries to relive the part excelled by him in the earlier 2 films, but somehow, it just does not gel.

The people to be blamed for this disastrous product are the writers, John Hamburg, Larry Stuckey. Very poor writing. Especially from Hamburg, who has worked on the previous two installments, he should have seen the growth aspect of the story and taken it forward accordingly, rather than this poor performance.

Didnt Jay Roach, who had directed the earlier two films, besides the Austin Powers franchisee, should have seen that this one was a lame duck. The fact that he chose not to direct this and hand over the reins to Paul Weitz (In Good Company, American Dreamz), was another disastrous decision. What was with the entire Harvey Keitel side track?

The only good thing about the film is Owen Wilson. His intro, the hospital scene and soulful discussion with Rosalind are first rate and the only thing which will bring a smile to your face. Also, not to be missed is the end credits, wherein Jack sees an internet video of Greg making fun of Jack in the medical summit. Especially the remixed version.

Really sad to see approximately, $100millions go down the drain.

Does it have The Y Factor:NO