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Directed by : James Mangold

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The tenth in the X-Men series and third in Wolverine, Logan marks the final chapter of this epic superhero franchise from Marvel. Starring Hugh Jackman reprising his character and featuring as Logan, the film is set in newr future where no new mutants are born. Logan despite his inabilities is drawn back in to action after so...more


“Logan delivers the kind of send-off Wolverine really deserved!”

Logan Box Office

  • Budget: $97 million
  • Opening Weekend: $88.4 million
  • Gross: $616.20 million
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Logan Audience Review

Logan/ X-men/ wolverine..!hugh jackman perfectly took the responsibility of the character.

Rated 4.5 / 5
by Yugantika Sharma (2,689 DM Points) | See all my reviews

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Logan with the direction of James Mangold is set to keep the pace in the movie hall because this is the film of hugh jackmen. And he has done almost 10 series of X-MEN and 3 solo series of the wolverine. And logan being the last and final in the series is not the one with typical superhero film with extra loaded mission but it is a real film with the real plotting of the scenes and perfect story.
Ofcourse, it does have the superhero thing in it but the way hugh jackmen has done it in a way at this age is very commendable. Along with the popular and hot logan there is this Patrick Stewart as the Charles Xavier’s (the father of mutants) in the supporting lead role.
So the story starts with the logan in the streets it was the time of 2029 when the school of sir Charles doesn’t exists anymore and the logan our superhero is just surviving for his mutant brother, his father Charles and his own life. The screenplay is so perfect that the action along with the emotions served the best out of this story and no doubt it successfully gave us the message that our only superhero wolverine is doing his last and final superhero movie.
There is also a powerful character who is just similar like mister logan. The only daughter of the special mutant, who got this similar mutant DNA by default not by birth. The character is played by Dafne Keen. No doubt that this child artist has beaten up all the records at this age by providing the best of her actions and best of her emotions all in the sequences.
This last mutant franchise by Marvel provided all the action along with the fictitious drama in a way that we could sense the pain of logan who is dying inside along with the mixed emotions in the aura. The duo of father and son along with the duo of father and daughter is amazing and coordinated.
Where the first half serves you the plots one by one by revolving around the logan and his struggles to hide his powers and identity from the world. The second half serves you with the new amazing characters having the super powers and missions.

This is ofcourse a must watch film. Why? Because this is the chance to see your super hero do the action once again after so long.