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Directed by : James Mangold

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The tenth in the X-Men series and third in Wolverine, Logan marks the final chapter of this epic superhero franchise from Marvel. Starring Hugh Jackman reprising his character and featuring as Logan, the film is set in newr future where no new mutants are born. Logan despite his inabilities is drawn back in to action after so...more


“Logan delivers the kind of send-off Wolverine really deserved!”

Logan Box Office

  • Budget: $97 million
  • Opening Weekend: $88.4 million
  • Gross: $616.20 million
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Logan Audience Review

Best Wolverine Movie Ever.

Rated 4.0 / 5
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As the Desert wind whirls and a Johnny Cash song plays in the background, that surely sparked all the fandom feels, because from the trailer we knew we had something big coming up and so we did. In this third installment of the Wolverine standalone series, finally time has come rather that movie has come that bids adieu to Hugh Jackman's most iconic role in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, The Wolverine AKA Logan. *sheds mutant tears*

Woah 2017… We've come far right? Remember when Wolverine first debuted his Adamantium claws way back in 2000? Through these 17 years we've seen him fight along generations of X-Men, we've seen him build up relationships, and we've seen his birth and rebirth. This time Logan fights along with his demons, this time he builds up a self developing relationship, because this time it's not Wolverine, its "Logan". And Logan is indeed Hugh Jackman's most vulnerable and heartfelt performance in the entire X-Men series.

It's the year 2029, mutants are extinct, well except Professor X, Logan's vampire mutant friend and of course Logan himself. Like the year suggest, Logan has developed some age lines, some gray hair on his beard because due to the Adamantium toxin in his body his healing ability is now a wane. Also like every other X-men movie professor X is now old, well a bit older here, around 90s old suffering from some brain disease. In a Wild West Story setting, Logan plays a personal nurse to ailing Professor, works as limousine driver in the sun and drinks up all his problems with a bottle of liquor at night. The story begins when A Mexican woman seeks out Logan to rescue Laura who just happens to have same powers like Logan ie Adamantium claws and healing ability. Laura was raised in a sinister laboratory that wants to create a new generation of X-Men. Along with Charles, Logan agrees to drive the kid North Dakota, up close to the Canadian border, to a rumoured new Eden where the mutants can supposedly live in peace. This is road trip to run from the laboratory's bad guys and seek safe haven.

Logan as a movie gives that adrenaline action, with splits of gore and blood as Logan and Laura inject their claws in the visceral of the bad guys. There is a lot of Blade Trilogy and Mad Max Fury in between. This A rated movie delivers violence, bloodshed, and warfare that any action junkie would want. Also, Kudos to the direction side, because this kind combat does make you feel gross to turn your head. Logan is just straight up action.

A development of relationship takes place between the young to be Wolverine, Laura and retired Wolverine, Logan. Throughout the movie their chemistry is palpable with a powerful delivery of acting skills on both sides. If we are talking about Hugh Jackman, the guy who played this character for 17 years this particular Wolverine role was different from his other X Men films, even with the bloodshed sequences, it was relatively soft, and only Hugh Jackman could pull off this contrasting performance. Patrick Stewart too adds a little bit puns and humour in between but that was just to add to the story development.

Even though Logan seems like dystopian, science fiction or west side story it still remains an X Men film in the end. For loyal Wolverine fans, Logan was chocolate brownie with extra chocolate sauce and chocolate chips served with a Chocolate milkshake, and yes chocolate is food of heavens. With its fabulous screenplay and direction, you'll feel an immediate connection with Logan's misery and pain throughout the film. Logan will claw to your seat and leave you mesmerized (in a blood and gory way).

Logan gets your all comic book fan feels to the brim, an emotional action performance that shouldn't be missed regardless whether you're a comic book fan or not, Logan just turns out to be a good cinematic experience. With this movie Jackman bids farewell to Logan in the best way possible.

We'll miss you Wolverine. *sheds mutant tears again*

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