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2.8 154 Ratings

Directed by : Lisa Azuelos

Release Date : | Length : 97 Minutes

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An oblivious mother tries to put her life together after a divorce. in the meantime, her 15 her old daughter goes after her ex-boyfriend's best friend after being dumped by him. And in the process, she experiments with sex and drugs. when the mother accidentally comes across mer daughter journal, she realises how wide their c...more


“LOL in this film stands for 'Lacking Of Laughter'! The performances are ordinary despite a fairly well known cast. Watch it only if you are a diehard Miley Cyrus fan!”

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Demi Moore

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Waste of a title

Rated 2.5 / 5

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Lisa Azuelos is the first director i have come across in Hollywood who has made her own film again. She is the rgv of Hollywood. She made lol in 2008 and Now once again in 2012. Also if you go by the title and think it is a laugh out loud comedy trust me it didn't even bring a smile on my face. What a waste of a title.

What's it about?- it's about growing up and tracks one high school year in the life of a bunch of teens told through the point of view of Miley Cyrus ( her name is Lola but everyone calls her lol.that's why the title) Demi Moore plays her mom.

How is it.- yawnnnnnn

Why?- First of all these teenage american comedies and growing up movies are not my scene and if they want my attention then it has to be as real an experience as shala. In this movie everyone comes across as fake probably because i dont know any real american families.This was the first movie i saw of Miley Cyrus. She was not bad but nothing special about her. Divorced mom, dad against son who wants to pursue music. Panicking parents going bonkers worrying about sex and drugs. You will see all the posssible cliches of parent- child relationships in this movie. Why the director remade her own movie is a mystery i would be more interested in solving. The four middle aged women sitting behind were yapping and giggling like teenagers. They made the right choice. This movie fits their I.Q.

Final few words- we made Shala, they made lol. Strictly for fans of miley cyrus and parents of teenagers.

Rating- **

Ticket meter- not worth a theatre visit.

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